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Jacksonville, FL

Pest Control - Jacksonville

4575 St. Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207

(904) 448-8307
Branch Manager
Martin Hood
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Common pests in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach experience hot, humid weather for much of the year. The favorable climate, sandy shores and large population attract a wide variety of people — and a wide variety of pests who are looking to invade residential and commercial districts alike.


Because of Jacksonville's proximity to both a river and an ocean, it is number 16 on the list of top mosquito cities in the United States. These water-loving insects tend to congregate around stagnant or damp spots because this is where their offspring hatch. Only the females bite due to their need for blood to produce eggs. Not only can the bites be irritating and itchy, mosquitoes can carry pathogens that cause diseases such as West Nile virus.


Eastern subterranean and Formosan termites are moisture-loving wood scavengers whose workers form mud tunnels and come up to feed on dead trees, limbs or woodpiles in your yard. They may also slip inside your home to eat wood structures.

Drywood termites eat plants and wood for the cellulose they contain, but unlike the other two species, they will also nest in dark, indoor structures such as beams or rafters.

Termites can relatively quickly cause structural damage to your home. If you catch sight of any droppings, tunnels or hollows in the wood, it's best to call an exterminator immediately to inspect your property.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be thought of as the travelers of the pest world because these reddish-brown creatures hitch a ride inside suitcases, on clothes or in other belongings and make their way into your home. Some signs of their presence include droppings, blood streaks and shed exoskeletons on your bedding.


The slim paper wasps common to Florida have black wings and some yellow markings on their limbs. They are known for building cone-shaped nests that resemble paper, are grey in color and hang from branch limbs, rafters, vegetation or awnings. They're very aggressive if they feel threatened and may sting multiple times in a row. If you see any evidence of them or spot one of their nests, contact a pest control specialist.


To keep their teeth from becoming too long, house mice, roof rats and Norway rats will gnaw on outdoor woodpiles or indoor baseboards, beams and other structural components of your home or business. These rodents have three reasons for entering your interior spaces: to find food, water or shelter. Once inside, they'll often chew through walls and wiring, raid your pantry, leave droppings and may spread disease-causing pathogens.

Frequently Asked Questions
What PPE precautions does Terminix Jacksonville take with COVID-19?

All Terminix Jacksonville technicians will be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) when entering homes or businesses for peace of mind and prevention. We are actively monitoring updates from the Government and local health officials and continually implementing measures and developing plans to prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and customers.

Does Terminix Jacksonville offer Commercial Pest Control?

Yes, Terminix in Jacksonville offers Commercial Pest Control for property management, food warehouses, manufacturing, restaurants, retail, Government properties and so much more!

Does Terminix Jacksonville offer any coupons on Pest Control?

You can currently start a Pest Control Plan for $50 off3. Get started.

What other services does Terminix Jacksonville offer?

Terminix in Jacksonville is an essential service provider. Always available to speak 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - we provide rodent control, pest control, bird control, pest proofing, drone survey services, fly & insect control and so much more.

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