Genetically Modified Mosquitoes: Q&A With Dr. Angela Tucker, BCE

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What Are Arthropods

You’ve heard of insects, you’ve heard of arachnids—but what about arthropods? As it turns out, if you’re familiar with insects and arachnids, you’re also familiar with arthropods, because insects and arachnids belong to the Arthropoda phylum. The Arthropoda is a fascinating phylum, which includes some of the smallest organisms and organisms which have a fossil record. Keep reading to learn more about this phylum and about some of the animals that are a part of it.

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4 Types of Insect Nests You Might See

There are millions of different species of insects and many variations in behavior and how these insects survive—including what they do for shelter and habitat. Other insects may live on and within things that already exist in nature like plants; aphids, for example, live in colonies on plants without building any other kinds of structures. However, some other insects build nests specific to their needs. Keep reading to learn more about a few different types of insect nests.

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Should You Buy a House With Termite Damage?

Buying a home is equal parts thrilling and terrifying. On the one hand, there's the natural excitement that comes with new beginnings, but on the other, there's the anxiety that accompanies making the largest investment decision of your life (not to scare you even more).

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