Genetically Modified Mosquitoes: Q&A With Dr. Angela Tucker, BCE

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Tips for Pest-Proofing Your Home

Your home may be your castle, but it can also be a welcome shelter for insects, rodents and other kinds of pests. To keep unwanted visitors away, take the following steps for pest-proofing your home.

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What Are Arthropods

You’ve heard of insects, you’ve heard of arachnids—but what about arthropods? As it turns out, if you’re familiar with insects and arachnids, you’re also familiar with arthropods, because insects and arachnids belong to the Arthropoda phylum. The Arthropoda is a fascinating phylum, which includes some of the smallest organisms and organisms which have a fossil record. Keep reading to learn more about this phylum and about some of the animals that are a part of it.

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How Are Scorpions and Spiders Similar?

As an experienced homeowner (or renter), you likely don’t have any trouble telling common types of household pests apart. Two of the most well-known household pests, scorpions and spiders, have striking physical appearances that often allow these pests to be identified within several seconds of observation. However, these two pests may have more in common than you think. The following are some of the major anatomical, reproductive, and behavioral similarities of scorpions and spiders.

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Pet-Friendly Pest Control

For many, a home is not complete without a pet. Pets are like family. They're always around bringing joy to their people, often eating, sleeping and traveling with them. They're always loyal and happy to see their owners after a long, hard day at work. And because of all this, taking care of the family pets and keeping them out of harm's way is often a top priority of pet owners.

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