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Sacramento, CA

Pest Control - Sacramento

10161 Croydon Way Suite 1
Sacramento, CA 95827

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Most Common Pests in Sacramento, CA.

Insects and other pests are a lot like us: They want a comfortable home that's secure and offers plenty of room to grow with ample resources. Regardless of where you live in the country, pests can move into your home and can cause major concerns within the home if not detected. Some of the most common pests we find in Rancho Cordova include:


Termites can feed on items within your home or business that contain wood or cellulose material. There are several avenues that can provide access depending on the type of termite. Some build shelter tubes from soil under the structure, while others prefer above ground nesting without contact with the soil. Termites have the ability to cause significant damage without being detected. A very large termite colony can consume a pound of wood every day. These pests can fit through a crack as thin as a credit card, and once they gain access, they can be hard to detect before they've started causing damage.

Bed Bugs

As their name implies, bed bugs hide in close proximity to beds and may bite you and your family members in your sleep. These pests can multiply rapidly so it's important to contact a pest control professional if you notice any signs of bed bugs, such as dark red to black colored stains on your mattress or bedding, They may also appear as various-sized blood stains on your sheets or shed skins from the bed bug growing.


Rodents, like rats and mice, invade your home to seek food and shelter, but these uninvited guests can cause numerous issues in your Sacramento home. Rats and mice can chew through wires and potentially cause fires, damage drywall, ruin insulation, destroy your belongings and leave unsanitary droppings behind. We recommend contacting a pest control professional for help instead of using home pest control tactics.


Itchy welts and bites are the telltale signs of these pests, but mosquitoes can lay up to 3,000 eggs within a matter of weeks, which makes prevention and treatment important. Besides their irritating bites, mosquitoes can also carry pathogens that cause diseases, like West Nile virus or dirofilariasis, so it's important to contact a pest control company near you if you notice mosquitoes near your property.


The German cockroach is a common species associated with indoor environments. These pests can hitch a ride into your home in boxes, furniture or other items brought into a home or business. German cockroaches prefer warm, humid areas with ample food and water. You may spot them in various places throughout your home or business. This can include furniture, picture hangings, shelving, and books. Detection and extermination can be a challenge without professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions
What PPE precautions does Terminix Sacramento take with COVID-19?

All Terminix Sacramento technicians will be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) when entering homes or businesses for peace of mind and prevention. We are actively monitoring updates from the Government and local health officials and continually implementing measures and developing plans to prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and customers.

Does Terminix Sacramento offer Commercial Pest Control?

Yes, Terminix in Sacramento offers Commercial Pest Control for property management, food warehouses, manufacturing, restaurants, retail, Government properties and so much more!

Does Terminix Sacramento offer any coupons on Pest Control?

You can currently start a Pest Control Plan for $50 off1. Get started.

What other services does Terminix Sacramento offer?

Terminix in Sacramento is an essential service provider. Always available to speak 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - we provide rodent control, pest control, bird control, pest proofing, drone survey services, fly & insect control and so much more. Visit our website here to find out more:

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