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Gardena, CA

Pest Control - Gardena

13722 Harvard Place
Gardena, CA 90249

(562) 641-2234
Branch Manager
Jacob Torres
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Most Common Pests in Gardena, CA

Here are some of the pests that tend to frequent the Gardena area and warrant pest control services.


You will find three main termite species common throughout Gardena: Formosan termites, subterranean termites and drywood termites. Unlike other regions, Gardena has no true termite season and these pests can be active all year long. Termites can eat away at the structure of your home, potentially causing significant damage. Termite prevention starts with a termite inspection.


Gardena is home to the Culex species of mosquito. This species is the main type of mosquito that can carry the West Nile Virus (WNV), and while Gardena has lower WNV cases than the rest of California, it's still a dangerous risk. Besides potentially carrying disease-causing pathogens, mosquitoes can prevent you from enjoying your outdoor landscapes and relaxing in your yard. Pest control services can help take your yard back.

Bed Bugs

Just like the rest of America, bed bugs are a growing pest problem in Gardena, CA. No longer relegated to only motels and hotels, Gardena homeowners may struggle to combat these tiny, minuscule pests that can leave itchy welts in some people.


You'll find numerous types of bees buzzing throughout Gardena, and not just the typical honey bee. Gardena also teems with carpenter bees, bumblebees and cuckoo bees. While bees can be beneficial pollinators, many homeowners are seeking ways to naturally and safely deter these flying insects to reduce their risks of stings and protect their families' abilities to relax and play in their backyard.


Several areas in and around Gardena, such as the Willows Wetland just west of the Harbor Freeway, can be popular sanctuaries for rodents. Thanks to urban development, you'll also often find rats, mice and other rodent pests in your home and garden. Common problem species in Gardena, CA, include roof rats and Norway rats. While some of these rodents can potentially carry disease-causing pathogens, these rodents can chew your home's wiring, eat insulation in your walls and contaminate human and pet food.

Frequently Asked Questions
What PPE precautions does Terminix Gardena take with COVID-19?

All Terminix Gardena technicians will be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) when entering homes or businesses for peace of mind and prevention. We are actively monitoring updates from the Government and local health officials and continually implementing measures and developing plans to prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and customers.

Does Terminix Gardena offer Commercial Pest Control?

Yes, Terminix in Gardena offers Commercial Pest Control for property management, food warehouses, manufacturing, restaurants, retail, Government properties and so much more!

Does Terminix Gardena offer any coupons on Pest Control?

You can currently start a Pest Control Plan for $50 off1. Get started.

What other services does Terminix Gardena offer?

Terminix in Gardena is an essential service provider. Always available to speak 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - we provide rodent control, pest control, bird control, pest proofing, drone survey services, fly & insect control and so much more. Visit our website here to find out more:

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