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Spokane Valley, WA


15320 E. Marietta Avenue Suite 7
Spokane Valley, WA 99216

(253) 984-4228
Branch Manager
Scott Kierstead (2489)
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Common pests in Spokane Valley, WA

Here are the most common pests in Spokane Valley, WA

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny pests that hide in tight spaces like bed frames, mattress piping, inside dresser drawers, within wicker furniture, behind peeled wallpaper and hung artwork, and deep within couches. They are infamous for the red welts they may cause when they feed on humans as they sleep or relax for long periods of time. Because they are small and mostly nocturnal, it may be hard to find a live bed bug. If you have bites on your body or find small black stains on your bed sheets and bed frame, it's time to call our branch for an inspection.


Mice and rats are common pests that live in the Spokane Valley area. Rodents can invade households when there are small gaps around the exterior of the house. Because rodents are mostly nocturnal, you probably won't see mice running around if you have an infestation. One of the first clues that you have a mouse or rat infestation may be piles of droppings in your kitchen or bathroom.


In the greater Spokane area, the most common species of ants are carpenter ants and small nuisance ants. Nuisance ants are tiny black ants that can be found crawling around kitchens and bathrooms. They are typically seen trailing, searching for food and water. If you have fallen crumbs or open food in your home, nuisance ants could be drawn in. Tiny nuisance ants can also be found where there is excess moisture such as under sinks and dishwashers. Unlike nuisance ants, carpenter ants are destructive pests that can damage wood in and around your home. You can easily identify carpenter ants by their large size. They are usually found crawling on decks, wooden railings and outdoor furniture, as well as window and doorframes.