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Grand Junction

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Common pests in Grand Junction, CO 

Here are the most common pests in Grand Junction, CO:


Termites are a common pest throughout the United States. These small but destructive pests can cause serious damage to a house before a homeowner is even aware of their presence. In Grand Junction, the drywood termite and the subterranean termite are the most prevalent species of termites. While termites generally swarm on warm days after it rains, they are also known to venture into heated homes or warm buildings on colder days.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are travelers. They are known for hitching rides in suitcases, on clothing and even on furniture brought home from thrift stores. Once your home is infested with bed bugs, it can be difficult to get rid of them. These tiny pests don't just live on your mattress, they also hide behind baseboards, in the seams of upholstered chairs or couches and other tight spaces. In a single day, bed bugs can lay between one to five eggs, which may mature in a little over a month. As a result, these blood-feeding insects can infest your home in a matter of weeks.


The majority of spiders living in Grand Junction are harmless to most humans. While a spider's venom is used to paralyze its prey, it generally isn't potent enough to affect most healthy adults. However, Colorado is also home to one spider that is considered dangerous to humans – the black widow spider. The venom released by a black widow can cause a number of serious health issues due to the neurotoxin its bite imparts.


In Grand Junction, CO, the German cockroach and the American cockroach are the two most common cockroach species found. The German cockroach is smaller than the American cockroach and is more commonly found in homes. However, the appearance of either can be unsettling as cockroaches have been known to carry pathogens that can cause disease, as well as trigger allergies or asthma attacks.


Ants can become a problem once they have entered your home. In Colorado, pavement ants, field ants and odorous house ants are extremely common. These small pests often make their way inside while seeking food and water. Luckily, most ants are not dangerous and are only a nuisance. However, there is one type of ant that can damage your house – the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants will destroy the wood in your home, which can lead to thousands of dollars in home repairs.