Lodging fees continue to hit record highs, according to a report from New York University’s Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism.

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As guests become accustomed to paying more for amenities and services, expectations rise as they will likely expect to get more for their money in return for higher fees. Ensuring that the guest experience at your hotel reflects and even exceeds guest expectations is maybe more important than ever, both from a customer satisfaction standpoint and to remain competitive. Hotel customer service excellence is vital in helping build guest loyalty and helping retain business through long-term relationships.

Raising the Service Bar

One way that you can help ensure guest satisfaction is to protect your hotel from pests with a commercial pest control planBed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes and flies are all common hotel pests that can be treated by experienced commercial pest control specialists, such as the professionals at Terminix® Commercial.

In addition to helping protect guest rooms and bathrooms, Terminix Commercial professionals target other important hotel areas like lobbies, kitchens, dining rooms and hallways. Besides being unsightly and unsanitary, some pests can actually damage property and equipment when left unchecked. And all pests can potentially damage your hotel’s reputation.

Terminix Commercial has extensive experience in treating hotel properties and knows how to identify and help protect your hotel from the specific pests that threaten your area with customized plans. As your pest control partner, Terminix Commercial can even consult with your hotel, pointing out conducive conditions for pests and signs that there may be a problem.

When it comes to fighting arguably the most prominent hotel pests, bed bugs, you want Terminix Commercial on your side. Through early detection and effective state-of-the art treatments, Terminix Commercial can help you and your guests rest assured that bed bugs won’t be an issue.

RapidFreeze® is one of the effective, science-based bed bug treatments offered by Terminix Commercial. This non-toxic treatment is actually a dry ice “snow” that is converted from carbon dioxide (CO2). As the name implies, this solution freezes bed bugs, including eggs and nymphs, to stop infestations.

Help ensure that your hotel guests feel they’ve received good value for their money when they stay with you. A Terminix Commercial Pest Control plan can complement your hotel’s service by helping protect the property from pests and pest damage, as well as helping protect your guests. There’s simply no room for pests in a clean, sanitary and well-run hotel.


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