What’s the best word to describe a small retail business owner? Busy. Whether you’re behind the counter, helping customers, calling in orders or handling a multitude of other tasks, your days are busy and full. While you’re in the front of the store taking care of business, pests could be in the back setting up their own shop.

How a Pest Control Provider Can Help Retail Owners Be Everywhere At Once

You can’t be everywhere at once, no matter how hard you try. That’s where a retail pest control plan can help.  A commercial pest control provider can take some important tasks and worries off your plate, allowing you to focus on your inventory and your customers. 

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For example, you may not have time to:

Inspect your dumpster and trash areas for pest activity, but Terminix Commercial can.

A commercial pest control plan includes regularly scheduled inspections that even include the exterior of your business. Trash areas can provide gateways for pests into your store, and your technician can make sure that containers and dumpsters are sealed correctly and positioned properly, if possible, to help avoid attracting pests.

Look for early signs of pest activity, but Terminix Commercial can.

These regular inspections can help spot initial signs of pest activity, helping to stop infestations in their beginning stages before they become big issues. Some types of pest infestations can grow very quickly, making them harder to control. Your technician can help stop pest invasions in their tracks by looking for larvae, droppings and other indications that pests may be present.

Monitor treatment effectiveness, but Terminix Commercial can.

You probably don’t have time in your daily schedule to follow up on pest treatments to see if they are working. Your technician will execute a treatment plan that includes continual monitoring for effectiveness, making adjustments when necessary for maximum results.

Look for ways to help prevent future infestations, but Terminix Commercial can.

In addition to treating current pest problems, a solid commercial pest control plan will strive to prevent future pest issues, too. Your technician will do this this by looking for conditions at your facility that could attract pests or that could be conducive to harboring them. Correcting these conditions can save you time and hassle later.

Learn about local and seasonal pest threats, but Terminix Commercial can.

Terminix Commercial technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable about specific pest threats in your part of the country and about potential seasonal problems. In addition, Terminix Commercial professionals are experienced in serving the special needs of retail establishments. Your technician will understand the need for discreet treatments and the importance of scheduling to minimize business disruptions.

Help protect your products from pests, but Terminix Commercial can.

Some types of pests can be more than nuisances – they can actually damage or destroy the merchandise that you’re trying to sell. Terminix Commercial technicians are experienced in identifying and treating pests that can cause damage to clothes, fabrics and stored products to help you prevent product loss when it comes to pests.

Track down pest entry points, but Terminix Commercial can.

Pests can find their way into your store through a surprising number of ways, including structural cracks, drains and openings around doors and windows. Your technician can help pinpoint how pests are getting into your business so that the problems can be corrected.

Terminix Commercial Can Be Where You Can’t

With Terminix Commercial as your pest control provider, you won’t have to be everywhere at once. You’ll have trained, experienced professionals working for you to help protect your business from rodents, insects, birds and wildlife. Let Terminix Commerciall take care of the pests while you take care of your customers.  


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