What will your guests say about their lodging experiences with you? What they have to say about your hotel matters, whether in conversation or online, which makes having a pest control plan very important.

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The presence of pests can be a big turnoff for your guests. While striving to help keep pests out of your guests’ rooms is certainly paramount, treating your entire property for pests is also critical. You don’t want a rodent scurrying through the lobby when guests check in, or for guests to spy flies in the restaurant or cockroaches in the hallways. It’s very likely that any pest problems encountered during their stay will be recounted in detail by your guests in conversation or online.

How to Help Prevent Pests in Your Hotel

Getting help from a commercial pest control company that specializes in the lodging and hospitality industry is an effective way to combat pests. The Terminix Commercial pest control professionals know highly effective methods of pest control for hotels, and the importance of being quick and discreet to minimize disruptions for your guests and your operation. Terminix Commercial can also train your staff in ways to help lower your risk of future infestations. 

Common Pests Found in Hotels

Here are some of the common pest problems found in hotels that Terminix Commercial can address:

Bed Bug Treatment

Arguably the most feared pest in lodging, you need professionals that are trained to spot signs of infestations early and apply advanced and effective lines of defense against these offenders in your hotel.

Cockroach Control

Creepy and unsanitary, if you spy one cockroach there are likely more lurking in the dark. You need a professional, proven system for targeting and treating cockroaches where they hide. 

Rodent Control

When rodents are spotted, you need professional help to capture and remove current infestations, to identify and/or correct the conditions that attracted the pests and to implement physical barriers to help prevent re-entry.

Fly Control

Professional fly treatments can help address your annoying and pesky problems. If you already have fly issues, you need an approach that can eliminate current fly infestations and that uses optimized tools at key entry points to help prevent future problems.

Termite Treatment

For commercial termite control, you need customized treatments and solutions designed for the threats in your part of the country and to help keep termites from disrupting your business.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can cause itchy, painful bites for your guests. You need proven, professional mosquito control that is considerate of your guests and the environment.

Bird Control

Bird droppings can be unsanitary, can contaminate your property and can create slip-and-fall hazards for your guests and employees.  You need effective strategies for helping solve existing bird problems and plans to help prevent birds from coming back to your hotel.

Wildlife Control

Your guests want rest and relaxation during their stay, not exposure to wildlife indoors. You need preventative wildlife control, as well as exclusion services, that are customized specifically for your property. 

In addition to potentially damaging your reputation, some pests can actually damage your property.  Rodents, termites, birds and wildlife, for example, can cause expensive property damage that can interrupt your hotel’s operations and productivity.

Don’t wait until you hear about pest problems from former guests, or until you read about complaints in online reviews of your hotel. Get a free estimate today for commercial pest control services for your property, and don’t ever let pest problems come between you and the chance for a word-of-mouth customer.

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