There’s a lot more to warehouse management today than racking and keeping up with inventory, shipping and receiving.


With increasing numbers of protocols required, there are multiple warehouse management procedures and processes for tasks that include inventory control, material handling, safety, hazardous materials, supply chain operations, quality assurance, tracking, cleanliness and more. Staying compliant with prescribed protocols is a priority for warehouse managers and owners, but it’s not always easy.

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Fortunately, warehouse managers have a helpful resource that they may not have considered.  “A knowledgeable, professional pest control partner can help with some key warehouse management protocols, such as those relating to quality assurance, inventory control and cleanliness,” said Mike Vazeii, Terminix Commercial Director of Marketing. “With customized pest control solutions, qualified pest control professionals can help warehouse managers protect packaging, product quality and sanitary conditions as well as help meet certain audit and regulatory requirements.”

Pest control can be especially challenging in warehouses, Vazeii said. “Large buildings, like warehouses, have plenty of places for pests to live and breed,” he points out. “Cracks, crevices and dark corners can all be conducive for pest infestations. Besides being unsightly and unsanitary, some pests can also damage products, equipment, electrical wiring and building structures. It’s almost impossible to monitor every inch of a big warehouse facility without professional help. Pest control specialists know where hiding spots are likely to be and how to treat them, as well as how to help warehouse staff in spotting pest signs and implementing prevention techniques.”

Ship Pests out of Your Warehouse

Here are some ways that commercial pest control services, like Terminix® Commercial can help warehouses with pest-related protocols and procedures:

Customized treatment plans and pest solutions for warehouse facilities can be designed to help minimize operational disruptions while effectively treating pests, such as rodentsflies, cockroaches, stored product pests, birds and others, commonly found in large spaces.

In addition to treating current pest problems, proactive prevention and monitoring strategies can help keep new infestations from establishing.

Commercial pest control professionals can help you make sure warehouses meet audit and regulatory requirements in regards to pest control, as well as help prevent pests from compromising packaging, product quality or sanitary conditions for workers. 

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Terminix Commercial provides real-time treatment reporting through ScanMaster® Tracking, enabling you to monitor your warehouse accounts online with ease and precision, which can help with protocol compliance. Terminix My Account also makes it easy to schedule treatments and to access service, billing and treatment records online.

Commercial pest control services can help reduce the operational disruptions and productivity losses that dealing with constant pest concerns can bring.

Help ensure your warehouse isn’t storing unwanted pests. With increasing protocols to manage, you’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about pests and related compliance issues. It’s easy to get a free estimate for commercial pest control services that can help allow you to focus on other warehouse management priorities.   


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