We’ve got what it takes to take on mosquitoes

Our revolutionary new system is more than a barrier or repellent. It’s a killer, putting an end to the mosquitoes that threaten your business environment and harass your customers and employees. Our commercial Mosquito Control treatment is hassle-free and effective all season.


Do more than repel mosquitoes. Kill mosquitoes.

Don’t compromise your business with ineffective mosquito treatments – choose a leader in the Mosquito Control business. Our unique, revolutionary formula has been proven to reduce mosquito populations in treated areas by more than 90% in two to three weeks.1 And it’s effective on a wide range of mosquito types, including hard-to-control urban species. With monthly treatments, your business is protected all season long.


Deadly for mosquitoes. Safe for your customers.

Although Terminix Commercial Mosquito Service delivers maximum effectiveness, it’s safe around your customers, including children and pets. It won’t harm the environment, either. So you’ll have peace in your place of business and peace of mind, too.


How our commercial mosquito control works:

Once a month during mosquito season, your Terminix Commercial specialist will strategically spray non-flowering vegetation and other typical mosquito hideouts with our exclusive dual-action formula. One part is a sugar-based attractant that draws them in to feed. The second part is a killing agent that ensures they won’t feed on people again.

Step 1: Bait
Once a month during mosquito season, we’ll strategically spray areas around the exterior of your property that attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted to and feed on this irresistible bait.

Step 2: Kill
After mosquitoes ingest the bait, they soon die.

Step 3: Collapse
As they die off, the mosquito population collapses — more than 90% in just two to three weeks.


Our Business First® Promise

We provide pest control but we stand for business. Business First is our promise to ensure pests — and the problems they create — never get in the way of a customer’s business. It’s why we train our people to be experts in commercial pest control and the specific needs of each customer’s business. And it drives us to come through for customers every time.


Customized services for national companies

Our National Accounts team specializes in offering customized, professional pest control for all your locations.
  • Coverage throughout North America.
  • Flexible billing options and special negotiated pricing.
  • Dedicated account representative.
  • Detailed reporting for each location.

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Manage your account anytime, anywhere

My Account makes it easy to keep track of your Terminix Commercial services with less time and effort.
  • Schedule treatments.
  • Pay your bill online.
  • Access service, billing and treatment records.
  • Access ScanMaster© Plus Reports.



Bringing speed and accuracy to pest control

ScanMaster® Tracking and our Smart Truck System enable Terminix Commercial to deliver effective treatments as quickly as possible.
  • ScanMaster Tracking: ScanMaster Tracking allows you to monitor your account online with ease and precision. Treatment information is available in real-time, as treatments are performed.
  • Smart Truck: In the event of an urgent service call, Terminix Commercial pinpoints the locations of all Terminix Commercial vehicles to provide a two-hour or less response time.


Kill pests, keep them out

Terminix Commercial's Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program addresses the reasons pests may be present and helps prevent future infestations. Our IPM program consists of:
  • Inspections of facility interior and exterior.
  • Identification of pests and analysis of activity.
  • Treatment of affected areas and implementation of methods for controlling pests.
  • Recommendations for limiting and preventing pest activity.
  • Continuous evaluation of treatment effectiveness and any necessary modifications.
  • Education, upon request, of the facility's staff, addressing actions and conditions that affect pest activity.


Refer colleagues and friends, and you’ll save

Our National Accounts team specializes in offering customized, professional pest control for all your locations. Recommend Terminix Commercial to your colleagues, neighbors and friends. You can earn credit toward your account every time a person you recommend purchases a service.

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1Subject to additional terms, conditions, restrictions and limitations. Consult Terminix service agreement for details.