As a property manager, a top priority is to attract and retain tenants. However, when a property experiences frequent pest problems, that job becomes a lot more difficult. Instead of focusing on how to retain tenants, you’re then forced to think about how not to attract pests. Without commercial pest control help, you could end up with more pests than tenants before you know it.


Here are some ways that a commercial pest control plan can help property managers retain tenants:

Regular Attention

A commercial pest control plan that includes regular inspections can help identify pests and recognize signs that you and your tenants may not spot. Terminix® Commercial pest control specialists know what threats to watch for in y our area of the country and how to correctly recognize signs of infestations. They also know how to effectively treat and monitor them. This can help you and your tenants stop guessing what kinds of pests may be present and where they may be lurking.

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Quick Action

Infestations can grow very quickly, sometimes even before you or your tenants are aware of them. In fact, by the time your tenants report a pest sighting, there may be hundreds more nearby. A commercial pest control plan can help treat infestations before they get out of hand. In addition to being unsightly and unhealthy, some pests can even be destructive. For example, pests such as rodents, termites and birds can cause structural and equipment damage. Commercial pest control can help address infestations before potentially expensive repairs are needed.

Problem Prevention

In addition to addressing current problems, a commercial pest control plan can help you prevent future ones. For example, Terminix® Commercial specialists can seal and block pest entry points, as well as conditions that can be attractive to pests.

Custom, Convenient Plan

A commercial pest control plan can be customized for your region and your buildings for maximum effectiveness.

Saved Time

Responding to pest complaints can be time consuming and distracting for your staff and can take them away from other important responsibilities and tasks, such as interacting with tenants. A commercial pest control plan can help free you and your staff’s time to focus on more important things, like building tenant relationships.

Reputation Protection

A commercial pest control plan may save you online embarrassment. With many popular social media sites, word of pest sightings and problems can spread quickly and possibly harm your property’s reputation. This can alarm other tenants, as well as dissuade future ones.

Regulatory Compliance

Some commercial pest control plans can help ease regulatory worries. For instance, with a Terminix Commercial pest control plan, if your property is assessed a fine by a regulatory agency due to a covered pest infestation, you may be eligible for reimbursement. *

Tenant Relations

A commercial pest control plan can show tenants that you take their health, safety and well-being very seriously. With Terminix Commercial, you can give current and prospective tenants the confidence of knowing that you have the nation’s leading pest control company on the job for their benefit.

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Terminix Commercial offers you and your tenants services that include:

Rodent Control

Help ensure you retain more tenants, not more pests. Get a free estimate for a commercial pest control plan before pests get a new lease on your property.


*If your business is assessed a fine by a regulatory agency due to a covered pest infestation, Terminix will reimburse you for t he amount of the fine plus an additional 10%. Limitations apply. See contract for details.

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