As a property management professional, you have a lot of responsibility and a multi-faceted role. You likely deal with new challenges every day, each demanding your focused attention.

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An important part of your role is hiring and managing the service providers needed to keep your property looking its best and running smoothly. When service providers are professional and reliable, they can make your job easier.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Service Providers

Here’s why it’s important for property managers to hire the right service providers from the start:

Service providers reflect on you, either positively or negatively.

Since you make the contractor hiring decisions, it’s only natural for owners and tenants to hold you responsible for the results that service providers deliver (or don’t deliver). Hiring the right service providers can enhance your reputation.  

Service providers will be on your property and around your customers and employees.

You need service providers who you can trust to respect people and property. If service providers cause distractions for owners and tenants or damage common areas or personal property, they’ve complicated your job and caused unnecessary distractions and harm.

You can’t be everywhere at once.

You likely can’t supervise service providers every minute when they are on the job. You need experts who know what they are doing and professionals who you can count on to deliver on their promises. Finding service providers who are motivated and pay attention to details means that less supervision is required by you and your staff.

It’s important to get your money’s worth.

With budget realities, you need assurance that you’ll get the best service possible for the rates you pay. It’s important to receive quality work, accurate estimates and service guarantees from service providers.

Your time is valuable.

With the many responsibilities you handle on a daily basis, you don’t have the extra hours to deal with service providers who don’t do the job right the first time. And you certainly don’t have the time — or the budget — to hire duplicate service providers.

How Terminix® Commercial Can Help

Terminix Commercial understands the unique challenges that property managers face, as well as the pest control needs of managed properties. At Terminix Commercial, service excellence is always a top priority, as outlined in The TERMINIX C. O. D. E., which guides our actions, how we do business and the service we deliver. C.O.D.E. stands for:

C – Convenient. Terminix Commercial offers easy, hassle-free procedures and protocols to make things easy for property managers. Account management tools make it simple to schedule treatments and quickly receive updates. Terminix has 300 branches nationwide that provide coverage.

O – On time. We won’t waste your time and you won’t have to track us down. With Terminix Commercial, you’ll get a response within two hours, every day of the year, 24 hours a day. If you have a problem, we’ll quickly and efficiently find a way to address it. 

D – Dependable. Terminix Commercial is relentless against pests and pest worries, offering the strongest guarantee in the business. If pests come back, so do we. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your previous 90 days of payment, plus 10%.1

E – Effective. Terminix Commercial pest technicians bring a broad range of industry expertise to your property with thorough, effective treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Terminix Commercial knows that it’s important for property managers to be able to rely on their service providers. The Terminix C.O.D.E. gives you the assurance that, in addition to having a reliable service provider, you’ll have a dedicated service partner.



1 Subject to additional terms, conditions, restrictions and limitations. Consult Terminix service agreement for details.

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