When the weather is warm and pleasant, your guests will likely want to spend more time outdoors. Make sure your hotel’s outdoor spaces are inviting to guests . . . but not to pests.

hotel outdoor area

Flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches are just a few of the pests that may increase in numbers during warm weather months. Here are some tips for helping keep pests away, so your guests can play:

If possible, make sure that trash receptacles are positioned well away from outdoor spaces (as well as away from hotel doors and windows). Pests, especially flies, are attracted to garbage. Empty and clean trash containers frequently during warm weather, and keep the lids firmly closed.

Keep outdoor spaces clean. Have a regular cleaning schedule and log set up for the area, and follow it closely. Wipe table tops immediately after use, and keep the ground free of food particles and trash. Clean spills right away. Pay special attention to greasy spills, as even a small speck of grease can be attractive to pests. Keep any cracks or crevices clean and free of crumbs. Also, have a process in place for handling any accidental or unscheduled cleaning needs, so that spills and messes are taken care of promptly, before attracting pests.

Check outside drains often for signs of fly and mosquito infestations.

Keep a lookout for any standing water that could attract pests, like mosquitoes. Check gutters and downspouts often, as well as flower pot drain pans.

Keep the grass surrounding the outdoor space groomed, and keep tree branches and shrubbery trimmed away from the building. 

If you have pet traffic near the outdoor space, provide a convenient container for pet waste disposal nearby and keep it tightly covered.

Because some pests, like flies, are strongly attracted to light, consider positioning lighting away from the building and using sodium vapor lights.

Installing outdoor fans can help keep flies and other flying insects at bay.

Avoid stacking or storing cardboard boxes in the vicinity of outdoor spaces. Pick up newspapers and magazines.

Keep fountains, pools, ponds and other water features properly maintained to help minimize mosquitoes and breeding grounds for them. 

Help Keep Birds Away

If birds are a problem for your outdoor area, it’s best to seek commercial pest control help. That’s because bird control isn’t simple and can be frustrating and time-consuming. There are many factors to consider when trying to properly control birds, including bird species identification, site evaluation, bird behavior analysis, and determining if birds are invasive, protected, or threatened/endangered. There are also federal, state and local regulations that may define control methods by species. Licensed, experienced pest control professionals are trained to customize bird control strategies for your specific location and may employ solutions, such as control gel, wire barriers, spikes, netting or other deterrents.

One good way to help make sure that your hotel’s outdoor gathering spots are inviting for guests is to contact a pest control company for help.  Be sure to choose a company, like Terminix Commercial, that’s experienced in serving the lodging and hospitality industry and understands outdoor pest control. It’s important that the company you select knows how to deliver efficient pest control and works to help prevent future infestations, as well as to address current problems.


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