Scorpions belong to the order known as Arachnids, which also includes spiders and ticks. They are resilient creatures that withstand extreme high and low temperatures. Consequently, they can be found in both deserts and mountainous environments. Scorpions are also excellent predators, capable of ambushing and killing prey with relative ease. So, what do scorpions eat? Good question. Scorpions are carnivorous and feed on a variety of food items. The following information discusses not only their favorite food sources, but how they manage to capture and kill their prey.

Built for the kill
A scorpion has eight legs. At the tip of each of its two front legs are pincers called ‟pedipalps.” They use these pincers to capture their unsuspecting quarry. If the victim is small enough, they simply crush and kill it. If the prey is too large, they hold it until they can deliver a fatal blow from the most dangerous weapon in the scorpion’s arsenal: its stinger.

The stinger is located at the end of the scorpion’s elongated tail. Venom is delivered to their prey through the stinger. The venom causes paralysis or death, but it also liquefies the insides of the prey. Once the victim is immobilized, scorpions use their sharp, claw-like mouthparts to remove portions of food. Scorpions can only digest liquids, so they also use these mouthparts to discard any solid matter that’s left after feeding.

A diverse diet
That’s how they eat, but what do scorpions eat? Their menu includes insects, lizards, snakes, small rodents and even other scorpions. If a potential meal wanders near their burrow or nest, they sense the vibration and attack with a vengeance, often killing prey that are much larger than they are. Scorpions are strict carnivores, so you won’t find any fruits or vegetables on their plate.

Slow down, eat less
When food is scarce, or during natural disasters, scorpions have a remarkable ability to slow down their metabolism so that they can survive for long periods of time with little or no food. Some species can stay alive on as little as one insect per year. They can raise and lower their metabolism as quickly as turning a light switch on and off. The lower metabolism also allows them to consume less oxygen. When conditions are harsh, scorpions hibernate, and then begin hunting again when the situation is more favorable.

Now that you know the answer to the question ‟what do scorpions eat,” it’s easy to see how having pests around your home might attract scorpions. Scorpions can even become pests themselves if they come into your home. Call Terminix® and let the professionals take care of business.