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man and terminix technician in restaurant man and terminix technician in restaurant
Restaurant Pest Control

You understand great service. So do we.

That’s why we offer Restaurant First—discreet and customizable pest control for your food service establishment, backed by our Business First® Promise.

  • At your service

    Our experienced service technicians know federal food service regulations and local health codes.

  • Stealth mode

    We provide discreet services and will work to schedule our visits for minimal disruption to restaurant operations.

  • Prevention is key

    Through regularly scheduled visits, our trained professionals can help prevent infestations or recognize their early signs to stop them before they cause big issues for your restaurant.

  • Your first line of defense

    We can educate your staff on how to identify and prevent pest-conducive conditions.

  • The power of information

    We offer seamless reporting and alerts to help you manage and track pest control treatment and results.

  • No place for pests

    In addition to pest control, we offer treatment services for dumpsters and drains to remove and remediate fats, grease, dirt, and organic matter than can accumulate in restaurants and attract pests.

Need help solving a pest problem in your restaurant?

terminix technician in restaurant kitchen

If you’re working, we’re working

We know the restaurant business is often a 24-hour operation. We’ll visit and treat and provide services during off-hours, with little to no interruptions to your business.
terminix technician in restaurant kitchen

Bad neighbors? No problem

Sometimes a pest problem is caused by a neighboring business. We’ll identify them and work to help make sure their problem doesn’t become your problem.

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