Warmer weather has forced many of us from our winter hibernation into the great outdoors. With temperatures on the rise, it’s no wonder why our favorite spring activities involve being outside. But whether you’re taking a walk or enjoying a picnic, one thing that can dampen your mood is bugs!

family picnic
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Below you’ll find a few of the most popular springtime activities coupled with how to help keep bugs away while you’re enjoying them.

How to Help Keep Bugs Away: During a Picnic

One of the most beloved ways to enjoy mild weather is to dine outside. Whether you choose a meal of cold fried chicken and potato salad or keep it simple with sandwiches, you don’t want any uninvited guests partaking in your feast. 

Since you’ll have food around, it’s best to look for natural ways to help keep bugs away. This can often be as simple as being mindful of where you set up your picnic. Moving your picnic away from water sources, for instance, decreases your chance of encountering mosquitoes.

How to Help Keep Bugs Away: On the Patio

What’s better than lazing away a spring day on the patio with a book or a magazine in hand? Not a whole lot. When mosquitoes and flies join the party, however, it becomes considerably less enjoyable. Luckily there are several things you can do to help keep your patio pest-free.

Many people like to use citronella candles. However, recent studies suggest that while these candles may be a good way to set the mood, they aren't that effective at their actual job of repelling mosquitoes. Using a bug spray containing DEET will make you less attractive to mosquitoes.

How to Help Keep Bugs Away: During a Walk

We long to get outside and soak up some vitamin D, but long walks on sunny days are far less enjoyable when you’re dealing with bugs. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to enjoy a sunny walk without (or at least with limited) insect interference.

Bugs are attracted to fruity and floral scents, so using unscented toiletries can help keep bugs away since they will probably not be attracted to them. Some bugs are also drawn to bright colors, so wear more neutral tones when you go outside for long periods of time.  Additionally, avoid areas with standing water, as it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Try these simple tactics to help prevent bugs from ruining your springtime activities. As mentioned throughout, one culprit that largely likes to ruin the outside party is the mosquito. Contact Terminix today for help getting rid of these pesky biting insects.