The truth is that, for a retail business, any pest is a bad pest.

clothes in retail store

After all, you want to welcome customers into your store and encourage their return visits. Pests aren’t exactly enticing to the general public, and if customers spot one while visiting your business, they won’t likely be eager to come back. There are three particular pests, though, that can pose special problems for retailers:

#1. Rodents

Rats and mice are easy for customers to spot if they run through your store. They often enter retail properties through doorways and can come in through surprisingly small cracks and holes. Because rodents are known to spread disease, they can be especially frightening to your customers. 

Rodents can also gnaw and feed on your merchandise, equipment and structure, causing extensive damage and even electrical fires. In short, rodents may cause threats to health and safety of people in retail businesses and other facilities. 

#2. Birds

If the thought of having your customers buzzed by birds flying overhead isn’t bad enough, consider the unsanitary droppings that they leave behind. Like rodents, birds are associated with disease and can damage property. Their unsightly droppings can also create slip-and-fall hazards for your customers and staff. The presence of birds can tarnish your business’s image and reputation.

#3. Cockroaches

Let’s face it, cockroaches are just plain creepy. They slither through cracks, live in the dark and can be present in your retail store with populations in the hundreds and even thousands. They can spread harmful bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella, and can trigger allergens and allergy symptoms.

Cockroaches can live and thrive in natural materials found in retail environments – two of their favorites are wood and cardboard.  Unsightly and unsanitary, cockroaches are not good ambassadors for your business.

How can you help prevent these three pests from setting up shop with you? Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Empty your garbage regularly, and make sure all trash receptacles and dumpsters are always tightly secured.
  2. Remove tall weeds and grass around your facility.
  3. Cover vents.
  4. Close gaps in walls and roof surfaces.
  5. Check around pipes for openings and seal them.
  6. Keep doors closed when customers aren’t entering and exiting.
  7. Install tight weather-stripping and door seals.
  8. Protect exterior doors to prevent rodents from gnawing at the corners.

The best step that you can take toward avoiding pests is to hire professionals that specialize in retail pest control. Terminix® Commercial pest control solutions provide powerful, proven pest control. Terminix experts understand retail environments and how to work quickly and discreetly to provide complete, hassle-free service.

Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, Terminix helps you address the reasons why pests may be present to help prevent future infestations. With the Terminix IPM program, you can expect an inspection of your store inside and out along with identification of pests and an analysis of activity. You’ll also receive treatment of affected areas and implementation of methods for controlling pests. In addition, you’ll get recommendations for limiting and preventing pest activity, plus continuous evaluation of treatment effectiveness. If you request it, Terminix will even offer education for your staff to address actions and conditions that affect pest activity. 

It’s a smart business move to take inventory of how much potential damage these three pests and others could do to your retail business and to your reputation. Make sure you are only open for business to people, not pests.   


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