If you own or manage a retail business, you know how expensive retail space is and how important it is that the space showcases your products in the best light to potential customers.

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You and your employees work hard every day to enhance and maintain the space, to make customers comfortable and to make sure that nothing detracts from the items you are trying to sell. Unfortunately, all it takes is the presence of one small pest to undo all your hard work and send customers scurrying away. 

Retail facilities can be especially prone to pest infestations, mainly due to frequently opened doors, storage areas and foot traffic. In addition to spoiling the shopping experience that you’ve worked to create, pests can ruin a store’s reputation, as well as potentially cause property damage and unhealthy conditions for workers and customers. Some of the pests that threaten retail establishments include:

  1. Rodents
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Ants
  4. Spiders
  5. Flies
  6. Termites
  7. Birds
  8. Wildlife

Pest sightings can cause retail businesses to lose customers, sales and profits. That’s why it’s important that every retail business plan includes a commercial pest control strategy.  DIY cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all pest applications aren’t the best approach for retail pest control. Because every retail facility is different, a professional, comprehensive pest control plan that’s customized to your business’s specific needs is the smartest way to protect your valuable retail space. 

What to look for when hiring a pest control company

It’s also important for retail businesses to have pest control service that’s discreet so that your customers aren’t disturbed while they shop, as well as pest control that solves current infestations and prevents future ones. Choosing a professional pest control company doesn’t have to be confusing. Here are some important questions to ask:

  1. Is the pest control company experienced?
  2. Do they specialize in commercial service and industry-specific protocols?
  3. Do they offer customized services?
  4. How quickly will they respond to your calls?
  5. Do they have a code of conduct and service delivery?
  6. Do they offer a guarantee?
  7. Can they provide online account management and tracking to help you monitor your account and treatments?
  8. Do they use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to address the reasons why pests are present in the first place and to help prevent future infestations?
  9. Do they offer free estimates?

In addition to these questions, it’s also important to ask pest control companies what to expect at each visit. You should expect services to include:

  1. A thorough inspection of your facility’s interiors and exteriors
  2. Identification of activity and risks
  3. Treatment of affected areas and implementation of methods for controlling pests
  4. Recommendations for limiting and preventing pest activity
  5. Continuous evaluation of treatment effectiveness and any necessary modifications
  6. If requested, education of your facility's staff, addressing actions and conditions that affect pest activity

Make sure your retail space attracts customers and not pests. Choose a professional commercial pest control provider with the technical expertise and service commitment to make sure that pests don’t layaway in your store.  


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