Did you know that it's possible for some rodents to squeeze through openings as small as the diameter of a dime? Once inside your business, mice and rats can go undetected, feeding and breeding, before you, your employees or your customers start noticing signs of an infestation. Luckily, pest management professionals know exactly how to tackle the problem and help rid your business of furry invaders. Here's what you need to know about commercial rodent control.

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What attracts rodents?

The first step in rat control and mice control is understanding what is attracting them to your business in the first place. With their strong sense of smell, rodents will follow their nose to a food source, making food-centric businesses like restaurants and food processing, and shipping warehouses especially vulnerable. From open food containers and spills that aren't cleaned up properly to garbage and food waste, rodents are opportunistic feeders.

Commercial rodent control solutions

Rodent control always starts with a thorough inspection to determine how rats and mice are gaining entry. Next, we develop a customized plan for your business that will include a combination of strategies including:

  • Traps and bait: Traps are recommended for locations where rat populations are lower. Bait can range from edible options like peanut butter or meat. The professionals at Terminix Commercial have experience with using these materials and place traps strategically to give you the best chance at eliminating rats and mice.
  • Exclusion: Prevent more rodents from entering your business with caps, caging and methods for covering vents, closing gaps, and securing openings.

In addition, we'll also monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.

Considering trying DIY methods first? If you've heard mothballs or peppermint oil can deter rats, think again. These methods might be appealing because they are all natural, but there is no scientific evidence that they are universally effective. Similarly, ultrasonic pest repellers aren't a reliable method for deterring rodents.

Your best option is always to call a pest management professional for rodent control. Learn more about our rodent control services.

How rodent and wildlife exclusion services can help

Customized rodent and wildlife exclusion services can benefit businesses by helping to prevent not only rats and mice, but also a range of other wildlife from squirrels, raccoons and skunks to bats, birds, and opossums. Wildlife control services include:

  • Comprehensive inspection: Identify wildlife or rodent threats and entry points.
  • Customized action plan: A strategy for removing existing pests. Exclusion solutions tailored to your business: Keep critters out, long term.
  • Correct structural vulnerabilities: Close off all potential entry points.
  • Eliminating wildlife attractors: Proactively eliminate items like trash, debris, tall weeds, and overgrown brush.


When it comes to rodenticides, we only recommend these solutions when other rodent control methods have been ineffective. Using rodenticide without professional guidance can cause dead mice and rats to end up stuck in the walls and below flooring, which can lead to other problems such as foul odors, and secondary pest problems such as flies. Additionally, some cities and states have laws that dictate the type of bait that can legally be used, which is why contacting a commercial rodent control expert is your best bet.

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