To keep tenants satisfied and properties in top-notch condition, property managers have a lot to juggle. On any given day, a property manager can have several projects in the air, including landscaping, plumbing, maintenance and structural projects, among others. Yet, the appearance of even one rodent or cockroach can mean angry tenants and dropping all the other projects to deal with the pest issue.

Why Regularly Scheduled Pest Control Service is Important for Property Managers

For property managers, a regularly-scheduled property pest control program can mean fewer dropped projects, better efficiency and happier tenants. Here’s how:


A commercial pest control plan includes regular inspections that can help identify pest activity and signs that you, your staff and your tenants may not notice. Pest control professionals are trained to identify specific pests that may threaten your location and to recognize, treat and monitor infestations for effective results. These regular visits also enable professionals to become familiar with the properties they treat and with your particular concerns and business goals. 


A regularly scheduled commercial pest control program does more than treat current pest problems. Pest control professionals can help spot conditions around your properties that may be conducive to pest activity or that may attract pests. A proactive approach that helps prevent pest problems before they start is better for everyone involved, especially your tenants.


Infestations can grow very quickly and may be brewing long before you and your tenants even know it. In fact, by the time your tenants report a pest sighting, there may be hundreds more lurking in cracks and crevices nearby. With regular attention from a commercial pest control plan, professionals can often act quickly to treat infestations and nip problems in the bud. 


Responding to pest complaints and handling pest problems can be time consuming and distracting for you and your staff. A commercial pest control plan with regular visits can help free you and your staff’s time to focus on more important things, like building tenant relationships and correcting maintenance issues.


Regular visits from a commercial pest control partner can show tenants that you take their health, safety and well-being very seriously. With pest control professionals regularly on site, you offer current and prospective tenants the reassurance that you're addressing pests and the issues they can cause.


Pest threats and challenges can change with the seasons. Consistent visits from a reliable, knowledgeable pest control provider can help you protect your tenants and your properties from pest issues all year long.


Frequent visits from a commercial pest control partner provide opportunities for professionals to teach you and your staff about pest threats and their habits. Such visits also enable professionals to offer education for you and your staff on steps that can be taken to correct conditions that may make it easy for pests to enter your properties, or to live and breed.

One Less Worry For You

Scheduled visits from a reputable, reliable pest control partner can mean one less project to juggle. Terminix® Commercial can tailor a pest control plan for the pest threats in your region of the country and for the specific needs of your properties. Stop feeling like you may drop the ball today and hand it off to Terminix Commercial instead.


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