In mild weather, many restaurant guests enjoy having an outdoor dining option. Creating an inviting patio or sidewalk space can expand your restaurant capacity and enables guests to dine al fresco when weather permits.

outdoor dining

If you’re planning to create an outdoor dining area or if you’re looking to spruce up existing outdoor café seating, below are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to pest control.

Follow These Steps to Help Avoid Pest Issues in Outdoor Dining Spaces

To help avoid pest problems in outdoor dining spaces and patio restaurants:

1. Where possible, avoid placing trash receptacles outside. Many pests, especially flies, are drawn to garbage. If you do place trash receptacles outside, be sure they’re emptied and cleaned often. The types of trash receptacle you use outside is also important. Covered receptacles may help reduce odors as well as pests in the area.

2. Keep outdoor spaces meticulously clean. Remove plates, bowls and cutlery as soon as guests finish eating. Wipe table tops immediately after use, and keep the ground free of food particles and trash. Clean any spills right away, paying special attention to grease spills, as pests can be attracted to even a small grease speck. Keep cracks and crevices outdoors clean and free of crumbs, too.

3. Keep an eye out for any standing water that could attract pests like mosquitoes. Clean gutters and downspouts often, and empty water from flower pot drain pans. Check any outside drains for signs of fly and mosquito infestations. Keep fountains, ponds and water features properly maintained.

4. Have the grass surrounding the outdoor space mowed regularly, and keep tree branches and shrubbery trimmed away from the building. 

5. Because some pests (like flies) are strongly attracted to light, consider positioning your lighting away from the building. Also, you should use sodium vapor lights.

6. Consider installing outdoor fans, which can help keep flies and other flying insects at bay.

7. Have a commercial pest control plan in place to help keep your restaurant free from rodents, cockroaches, ants and other bothersome pests that can damper your guests’ dining experience, as well as your reputation. Whether inside or outside, pests can compromise sanitation and quality at your restaurant, and they can even cause regulatory fines in some cases. A pest sighting can also cause guests to leave and maybe never come back.

When choosing a commercial pest control company, be sure to select one that has knowledge of food service regulations and local health codes. In addition to treating any current pest problems, it’s also important that your pest control partner employs proactive prevention and monitoring strategies to help avoid future pest problems.

Terminix Commercial® offers free estimates for restaurant pest control plans, as well as a full menu of solutions for the most common pest problems. Contact Terminix Commercial today and place your order for pest control. 


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