Learn the signs of termites in firewood, how to prevent invasion, and what to do when you find these tiny invaders in your wood pile.

termites in firewood


That pile of firewood in your home might be home to a vast variety of insects, including termites. Outdoor firewood offers insects a trifecta of food, water and shelter. If you have termites in firewood, those pests are carried right into your home when you bring the wood inside.

Signs of termites in firewood piles

Subterranean termites live in the soil and construct mud tunnels to their food sources. These tunnels may be visible on the outside of the wood, or there may be mud-lined galleries within the logs. The main termite colony containing the queen will be in the soil, but the workers will tunnel into the firewood and feed on it. If termites enter a home via firewood, they are not likely to start an infestation. However, when woodpiles are stacked against the house or in close proximity to the foundation, it provides a way for termites to extend their feeding into your home.

Preventing termites from getting into firewood

The best way to keep termites from entering your home in this manner is to properly store firewood. One of the most effective ways to do this is to keep the firewood off the ground. This can be accomplished using a rack specially designed for holding firewood, or by using do-it-yourself methods that include stacking bricks or concrete pads to form a platform on which to store the wood.

Finding the right solution for termites in firewood

It can be tempting to try to figure out how to kill termites in firewood, but you should never attempt to do so using chemicals. Do not chemically treat firewood you intend to bring into your home and burn. Pesticides, gas, diesel fuel and similar substances can give off noxious fumes when burned. It is best to simply throw the infested firewood away. If your city or community ordinances allow it, burning the infested logs in a safe location on your property is also an option.

Should you find evidence of termites in firewood in or near your home, contact Terminix® for a free termite inspection. A trained professional can help you determine if termites have invaded your firewood or even your home.