terminix entomologist doug webb

Doug Webb is a board-certified entomologist and manager of technical services at Terminix.

Doug has over 40 years of experience in pest control, and is proud to have spent his entire career at Terminix. Doug has held a variety of positions at Terminix, including service manager and branch manager. He now supports the field as a manager of technical services, specializing in termite products and services.

Doug first developed an interest in entomology and wood destroying insects while studying wood science and technology at Mississippi State University. He enjoys using his knowledge of the biology and habits of pest insects to resolve pest problems for customers, whether that means protecting their homes from termites, resolving a fly issue in a hospital or a cockroach issue in a large commercial kitchen. Doug’s favorite part of working for Terminix over the years has been helping people protect their property and livelihood.

Doug holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Wood Science and Technology from Mississippi State University. He also helps the Commercial team at Terminix as a Preventative Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) for food production operations.

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