You know that spiders get into your home, but you may not know how. Do spiders get in the house through avoidable means? But why, where and how? Do spiders get in your house no matter what you do? Here’s a look at the obvious – and not so obvious – entry points that spiders take advantage of to invade your home. Learn how to deal with them and seize the upper hand in your battle against these eight-legged pests.

Spiders have two common methods they use for entering homes. The first is extremely obvious – through windows, doors, cracks, gaps, holes around piping, vents, etc. Any opening to your home is a potential spider entry point. The key to prevention is to seal up any of these openings you can. Doors and windows should close properly, creating tight seals. Replace worn weather stripping and install door sweeps. Windows should have properly fitted screens in place.

Seal cracks in the foundation and any gaps or holes you might find. Some common areas are around where pipes enter buildings and air vents. You can put mesh screen on air vents and use caulk or steel wool in cracks and gaps. This will help prevent other pests from entering your home as well.

The second method spiders commonly use to get inside of homes is a form of hitchhiking. No, they don’t put their legs in the air and catch a ride on the highway, but rather, they stow away in your belongings. This can be inside boxes during a move, on toys coming in from the yard or any number of items that are carried inside from another location. Plants, firewood, camping equipment – these are all things that should be thoroughly inspected for spiders before you bring them into the safe confines of your home.

Unfortunately, there’s not much else you can do about this aside from staying vigilant. Get in the habit of inspecting items for spiders before you bring them inside. Couple that with sealing up entry points to your home, and you should see a drastic reduction in spiders. Vacuum regularly and try to reduce the overall number of pests entering your house by eliminating outdoor lighting close to doors and windows. Spiders enter homes looking for prey, so if you leave them a smorgasbord of insects to feed on, they will keep finding new ways inside.

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