Where Do Gnats Come From?

The term ‟gnat” is used by many to describe a variety of small flying insects they encounter. There are many different species of flying insects that are difficult to identify. It’s often simpler to say, ‟Oh, that’s just a gnat.” Some people even think that gnats are baby flies, which is usually not the case. The following information will help you better understand the types of flying insects that may invade your home, why they are there and answer questions such as ‟How do gnats get in the house?”

Where do gnats come from?

Depending on the species, these insects can be found in a number of places. Two vital elements are of key importance – food and moisture. Some ‟gnats” bite and feed on blood while others feed on insects, decaying organic material or plants.

How do gnats get in the house?

The types of flying insects most people refer to as gnats are very small – usually smaller than a mosquito. That said, it doesn’t take much of an opening around your house for them to find a way inside. Gaps around windows and doors, holes in window screens and openings around where utility lines enter your home all provide easy entrance for these annoying pests.

Where do gnats come from in the house?

Once inside, gnats seek out the basics – food, water and shelter. Most species live and reproduce in decaying organic matter that is moist and shaded. Other species are attracted to overly ripened fruits and vegetables as well as garbage receptacles that are not properly covered. Some gnats live and breed in the soil of potted plants that contain excessive moisture. Generally, most gnats are attracted to light. You might find them buzzing around light fixtures and lamps.

What types of gnats infest homes?

It’s not only children and pets that can be seriously harmed if they ingest mouse poison, it’s any person or animal. Fortunately, most adults have the good sense not to ingest anything labeled as ‟dangerous,” but accidents do happen. For these reasons, it’s highly recommended that any rodenticide used not only be registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, but that it is placed by a pest management specialist, and that all label instructions are followed to the letter.

Inside the home, as their name implies, you’ll find fruit flies hovering around trash cans and other places where decaying fruits and vegetables are located. These flies are also attracted to liquor and beer. Outside the home, they are commonly found around fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

Whether you call them gnats or flies, these flying pests are just downright annoying. Help put an end to the aggravation by calling the pest management specialists at Terminix.