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Contributed by: Pat Hottel

Published on: September 12, 2022

While they might not spark as much fear as other pests, gnats – the small flies you may see buzzing around – can be a significant nuisance to homeowners, leaving people swatting inside and outside their home in frustration. If you have an infestation of gnats on your hands, it can be extremely hard to battle as these little pests breed rapidly.

Commonly confused with fruit flies, gnats are small, pesky, two-winged insects that frequently invade homes and businesses. Learn how to get rid of fruit flies.

Different types of gnats can infest different parts of your house and yard. The longer you leave the problem unattended, the larger and more unwieldy the infestation becomes.

In this article, we'll cover a few measures you can take to help keep gnats out of your home, or to try to tame an infestation. However, it's worth noting that if you're still seeing these tiny pests flying about, consider calling a pest control expert as soon as possible.

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Traps to get rid of gnats

One of the most common methods that homeowners use to help get rid of gnats are DIY traps made from a variety of household products. It's worth noting that these DIY gnat traps aren't always completely effective. However, you can try several types of gnat traps to see which works best for you.

Light traps

Although some recommend using candles in bowls of water to attract and trap gnats, entomologists and pest control experts recommend using different kinds of light traps for gnats. Some commercial pest control traps can also be used to get rid of gnats in your home, such as light traps. These traps can be left on continuously without the need to be replenished and relighting a candle, and are generally less of a hazard than having an open flame.

Sticky paper traps

You can easily buy sticky paper traps or sticky fly strips at your local hardware store or online. These traps are covered with sweet, fragrant substances designed to attract gnats and flies that live in your home or yard. When gnats try to feed on the sweet surface, they get stuck. Certain colors of traps are more attractive to gnats, such as fluorescent green and yellow.

Place sticky paper traps anywhere you see gnats congregating. For better results, you can place these traps near house plants.

Use a spray to get rid of gnats

You can also try to combat gnats with sprays, however, some sprays aren't always effective at stamping out a gnat infestation. If using a gnat spray purchased from a store, it's important to read and follow instructions printed on the label.

Creating your own DIY gnat spray can be another option. Simply mix one cup of warm water with a few drops of liquid detergent. Use a spray bottle to spritz this solution at gnats flying around your home.

You can also use this mixture to get rid of gnats that live in your potting soil and around your houseplants. Just spray the solution onto your plant's leaves and then wipe it off after a few hours. However, be careful to not overwater your plants, as that can be a main contributor to fungus gnat infestations.

How to get rid of gnats in the kitchen

Gnats are not really a common problem in the kitchen unless there are house plants or they have entered from the exterior. However, fruit flies can commonly be found in the kitchen. Learn how to combat a fruit fly infestation.

How to get rid of gnats in the yard

While gnats in your yard may seem less annoying than house gnats, these pests – including flying midges and black fly gnats (sometimes called “buffalo gnats") – can be more aggressive and bite. There are couple ways to help keep these pests out of your yard.

  • Prevent overwatering by allowing lawns and flowerbeds to dry in-between waterings.
  • Clean out gardens where dead or decaying plant matter may be accumulating.
  • Clean out gutters, where leaves and yard debris may have built up.

Outdoor gnats are harder to exterminate than indoor pests. If using an over-the-counter spray, it's important to read instructions printed on the label to avoid any damage to your plants and wildlife. When in doubt, contact a pest control specialist to advise on treating your outdoor gnat problem.

When to call Terminix to get rid of gnats

A gnat infestation can be a nuisance that causes endless frustration when warmer temperatures hit and these pests start to breed. While DIY methods can work, they rarely eliminate the infestation entirely. Traps and sprays are generally temporary solutions that could take a long time to work.

Many homeowners spend weeks fighting a growing gnat problem and fail to reclaim their property from these annoying pests. That's where pest control specialists come in.

Your Terminix pest control team knows how to help get rid of gnats in your home fast and get your infestation under control. We take a comprehensive approach to removing all types of gnats from your home and making sure they stay away.

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