This summer, why not feed the kids some bugs?

insect snack

Summer is in full swing, which means you might be searching for fun crafts to keep the kids busy while they’re out of school. The following DIY insect snacks are exactly what you need to keep kids entertained, while making sure they don’t get “hangry.”

1. Ants on a Log

When it comes to insect snacks, ants on a log is a classic. Here’s how you make these bug- inspired treats:

  • Slice rinsed celery stalks into three- or four-inch pieces.
  • Spread peanut butter inside the celery stalks.
  • Sprinkle raisins on the peanut butter.

Aside from being incredibly simple to make, these snacks are pretty healthy. In addition, you can make snack time double as summer activities and craft time by letting the kids assemble the ingredients once you’ve sliced the celery. And if your children refuse to eat celery, you can easily substitute apple slices.

2. Worms in Dirt

worms in dirt snack

These sweet DIY snacks are always a hit with children, and are great to work into summer activities and crafts time. Ready to let the kids eat dirt? You’ll need the following:

  • Small plastic cups (the nine-ounce size is perfect for these)
  • Chocolate pudding mix
  • Whipped topping in a tub (one eight-ounce container per box of pudding)
  • Worm-shaped fruit snacks
  • Chocolate sandwich cookies (one package per box of pudding)

Prepare the pudding mix according to the directions on the box. While the pudding is setting, crush the entire package of cookies to make the “dirt.” You’ll be less likely to make a huge mess if you use a sandwich bag and a rolling pin for this step.

Once the pudding is ready, stir in the whipped topping and about half of the crushed cookies. Mix this deliciousness until it’s completely brown with none of the topping showing through.

Next, spoon the muddy mixture into the cups and top with more of the cookies. Stick a wormy fruit snack into each one and watch the kiddos’ faces light up.

3. Cracker Beetles

Cracker beetles are perfect for kids who prefer savory insect snacks. Let your aspiring young chefs help you make these creepy crawly crackers. Stock up on these ingredients:

  • Round crackers
  • Cream cheese, hummus or peanut butter
  • Pretzel sticks

Choose your beetle’s filling and spread it on a cracker. You need a good layer of filling here to hold on to the beetle’s legs, so shoot for a tablespoon or so. Top this with another cracker. Then, stick three pretzels on each side of the bug to make legs.

There you have it: A quick and buggy snack and a great project for summer activities and crafts.

4. Crunchy Caterpillars

Building a DIY butterfly feeder with the kids this summer? Why not enjoy some caterpillars while you work? These crunchy crawlers are a cinch to make:

  • Soak several kebab skewers in cold water for 15 minutes.
  • Load the kebab skewers with green grapes.
  • End each skewer with a strawberry half, so your caterpillars have heads.
  • Break pretzel sticks in half and add them to the strawberry to give the caterpillars antennae.
  • Use a toothpick to dab two spots of cream cheese on each strawberry for eyes.
  • Finish each eye with a mini chocolate chip.

Soaking the kebab skewers helps prevent splinters, so make sure you follow that first step. And, of course, parents should help very small children disassemble their caterpillars.

5. Bug Juice

What better way to cool off on a summer day than with some bug juice? In addition to being refreshing, this juice is the perfect complement to all the insect snacks you’ve been making. Here’s how to juice a bug:

  • Blend two cups of diced honeydew melon and about seven large mint leaves until you have a smooth mixture.
  • Push the mint and melon combo through a strainer and save the juice.
  • Take that minty melon juice and mix it with a cup of pineapple juice.

If you want to make the juice extra buggy, plan ahead and freeze some raisins in ice cubes so it looks like insects are floating in the juice. Yum. You can also freeze this mixture in popsicle molds for those extra hot summer days.

So this summer, take snack time to a new level. Dish out some fun and giggles with these insect-inspired activities and treats.


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