Squirrels are a potential nuisance to have in your yard. If you have a green thumb and are trying to grow a healthy garden, squirrels can easily ruin your efforts. Therefore, you may be interested to find out if there are any plants that repel squirrels. These unwanted pests love to forage for food wherever it is easily available, but they aren’t too picky. In fact, food that squirrels eat may be growing in your garden including the fruits and vegetables you worked so hard to cultivate. But will squirrels take an interest in squirrel repellent plants? Are there even any plants that squirrels will not eat?

plants that repel squirrels

If you read gardening blogs, you may come across various tips for repelling squirrels. Advice may include a range of home remedies to keep squirrels away from your fruits and vegetables. In some cases, gardeners may choose to use flowering, plants that squirrels do not like to eat and, in other cases, plant oils may repel squirrels; however, more scientific research should be done to evaluate different types of plants that may repel squirrels:

Alliums in the form of flowers, or garlic, scallions and onions produce a strong odor that squirrels may avoid.

  • Daffodils, bright flowers that come in a variety of colors, are said to deter animals like squirrels, rabbits and deer because of their unpalatable taste and fragrant odor.
  • Fritillaries that are part of the Lilaceae family can also produce a strong, unfavorable odor that can reduce animal interest.
  • Hyacinth, a spring-flowering bulb that comes in a variety of colors, is not liked by some squirrel.
  • Galanthus or other types of bulbs that have a strong scent may keep squirrels from eating plants in your garden.
  • Lily-of-the-Valley, a dainty bell-shaped flower with long leaves. It makes for a great addition to any garden and is generally not favored by squirrels.
  • Geraniums, a resilient plant that may help repel squirrels by being placed around garden crops.

While many may consider using squirrel repellent plants, be advised that they are not 100% effective. Some plants may produce an odor that deters squirrels, but the results may be short lived. Squirrels can quickly adapt to different types of deterrents when in need of food. You may have to regularly rotate different plants or use other DIY methods with a taste repellent like hot sauce or chili peppers to help reduce squirrel visits. For deterrent plants to help reduce your yard’s population of squirrels, persistence and proper maintenance is required.

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