How long does termite treatment last? Learn about the factors that determine how often you need treatment.


Treatment of termites is an important part of protecting your home from a termite infestation and damage. Along with annual inspections, pest management professionals use various treatment methods to safeguard your investment. But how often do you actually need these treatments performed? Here’s what you need to know:

Q: What determines the length of time between termite treatments?

A: A number of factors determine how often you need termite treatments. These include the experience of the pest management professional you hire and the thoroughness of their treatment, how accessible your structure and property are for applying treatment, and the density of termite colonies in your region. A technician will evaluate your property and explain the details of any treatment required during your termite inspection.

Q: How long does termite treatment last with liquid treatments?

A: Liquid termite treatments can prevent termites from entering certain parts of your home for a few years, depending on the effectiveness of the application. This doesn't mean that termites won’t enter your home, which is why annual inspections are so important. The Terminix® Liquid Defend System® provides protection for your home. Any termites that crawl through the treated soil won’t be crawling for long.

Q: How long does termite treatment last with baiting stations?

A: Bait stations need monitoring and maintenance throughout the entire year. With the Terminix Bait Defend System®, bait stations are strategically placed around your structure or home. Termites find these stations as they forage, taking the bait and bringing it back to their colonies. This reduces your risk of termites. Your maintenance and inspection schedule will be determined by many factors. These include termite activity or evidence found and environmental conditions in your area.

It's important that your service technician is battle-hardened and relentless. It's not uncommon for termites to break through a gap in treatment coverage if you use do-it-yourself methods. Don’t give termites the break they’re looking for. Call Terminix and get more than 85 years of experience on your side, starting with your free termite inspection.

Q: How does liquid termite treatment work?


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