We will identify intruders, determine the most effective way to get them out of your home and then customize a solution to keep them from coming back. You'll have full control of what has access to your home. Kicked out. Kept out. Guaranteed.

Get rid of raccoons, opossums and other wildlife

Raccoons, Opossums, and other wild animals can do structural damage to your home. They create entry points for other pests. They also create fire hazards, and become a danger to people and pets.

How to get wildlife control:

Wildlife can:

Chew through wires
and cause fires

Destroy property
and belongings

Eat drywall and
tear insulation

Die in your walls,
creating foul odors

Leave droppings

Make disturbing noises
in your walls and attic

What parts of your home can we secure against rodents?

  1. Attic, turbine and gable vents
  2. Roof returns and plumbing vents
  3. Gaps between exterior walls and roofing fascia
  4. Dryer and oven vents
  5. Foundation grates and pipe openings
  6. Garage door opening

How wildlife control works:

  • Step 1


    Through an in-depth inspection, we'll determine how, where and why wildlife is entering your property. Then we'll customize a plan for your property.

  • Step 2


    Our service technicians will use traps, baits and other tools to get intruders out. We'll also patch, seal and secure your home's exterior to ensure they stay out.

  • Step 3


    We will come back and re-inspect your home each year for as long as you keep your plan. We will check previously secured entry points and check for new vulnerabilities.

Guaranteed wildlife protection

If, during the term of your plan, covered rodents* enter your home, Terminix® will at no extra cost:**

  • Take care of the new invasion
  • Repair damaged exclusion components
  • Seal any new entry points
tech waving to customers

Benefits of choosing Terminix® for your wildlife control:

Free Inspection: You'll get the answers you want about wildlife in your home as we provide a thorough inspection and identify entry points the wildlife use to get in.

Preventive Solutions: We can help customers prevent wildlife from entering their homes, causing damage and leaving behind urine and fecal matter.


Guaranteed: We will come back to eliminate and remove trapped pests, repair any new damage they cause to materials we've installed, and we'll seal any new entry points they may create as long as you keep your plan 1.

Ongoing Protection: In addition to our guarantee we will provide annual inspections as long as you keep your plan.









How to get wildlife control:

Don't waste another day. Schedule your FREE Inspection and we will get to work putting your wildlife concerns behind you.