How Much Does it Cost to Treat Termites? Some Answers and FYIs for New Homeowners (With Video)

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes along with a being a homeowner that you didn’t have to worry about as a renter. It’s now your job to fix plumbing problems, repair flooring issues and to make sure pests don’t wreak havoc on your home.

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While Terminix® can’t help you decide whether to go with tile floors or carpeting, we do have a few pointers for you in regards to what you need to know about termites and the costly damage an infestation can cause.

The Signs of Termite Infestation


There are several indications that your home may have a termite problem. As a new homeowner, it’s a good idea to be able to recognize these warning signs so that you can immediately call in a termite control professional. Some key indicators of a termite infestation are:

  • Dropped wings
  • Mud tubes
  • Wood damage found below and behind surfaces like walls, floors and more
  • Termite droppings (for drywood termites only)
  • Hollowed wood
  • Blisters in wood flooring

Termites Can Cause a Lot of Damage

Even if you know the signs of termites being present, it’s important to have regular inspections by a trained technician. Why? Well, termites are a silent wrecking crew and can do some serious destruction well before you even notice any of the above red flags. Enlisting the help of a termite control professional may help you find termites before the damage is out of control.

Termite Damage is Expensive

Each year, termites cause about $5 billion worth of damage and treatment costs in the United States. To further break it down, an infestation can cause $8,000 of damage to your home on average.*

How Much Does It Cost to Treat Termites?

How much should a termite control plan cost? Because treatments are customized to your situation, there’s no cut-and-dry answer for this. The cost of your contract can vary depending on many factors, some of which include: which area of the country you live in, along with the size and construction type of your home and property.

The Cost of an Initial Termite Inspection from Terminix

One thing that is certain is the cost of an initial inspection from Terminix: It’s free. Once a trained technician has inspected your home and property, he or she will work with you to customize a plan that best suits your situation and needs.

You Can Help Prevent Termites in Your Home

While most DIY termite control methods fail, there are a several steps you can take to help protect your home against these insects.

  • Keep shrubbery trimmed so that there’s at least one foot of space between plants and the exterior of your home.
  • Use pine needles or synthetic mulch instead of wood mulch.
  • Point sprinklers away from your foundation.
  • Ventilate your crawl space.
  • Maintain the exterior of your home, ensuring that water doesn’t leak behind shutters or siding.

As you can see, a termite infestation can be incredibly costly. Additionally, repairs can be expensive, not to mention stressful and time consuming. Schedule your FREE termite inspection with a trained Terminix technician for a customized termite solution.



*Average repairs: $7,229 from 2016 survey by Decision Analysts for TMX independent contractors in the TMX network. Estimated treatment: $1,363. Every home is different; repair costs may vary.

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