Mice are a common home intruder. Their small size and surprising speed allows them to hide in unusual spots in your home, like inside the walls or under your furniture. Scratching sounds and sights of black pellets can indicate a mouse may be hiding in your house. If you notice signs of mice, here are four methods you should know about to help protect your home.

mouse repellent

Snap Traps

Snap traps are a simple and popular solution to mouse infestations in your home. These devices work by using bait to lure the mouse to the trap. When the bait is taken, the trap snaps shut onto the mouse. It's important to know that snap traps are mouse killers. Thus, you must dispose of the mouse immediately to avoid odors from spreading throughout your home. There are also other factors to keep in mind when setting traps. The first is location. Where you place the traps will have a large impact on your success. Leave traps in areas where mouse activity is greatest. If you're unsure about your setup or what kind of food to use as bait, contact a pest control professional.

Cleaning Your Home

Mice share very similar eating habits to humans. They enjoy chocolate, potato chips, and meats and will flock to whatever food is available. That said, cleaning your home is a good place to start. Vacuum your floors often to avoid leaving a trail for mice to follow. Keep food out of rooms other than designated eating spaces like the kitchen or dining room. In addition to food, mice flock to attractive nesting areas. Be sure to store loose items in tight-sealed plastic boxes so they don’t make a home inside your winter jackets or other stored items. Additionally, fix any leaks from broken pipes or unstable roofing. Mice need water for hydration and leaks prove to be an adequate source for them. While these simple preventative measures can help, contact a professional to address other entry points or areas in which mice may be hiding.

Fill Open Holes

Mice have flexible bones, the largest being their skull, which is only as wide as a pencil. That said, they can fit through small holes in your walls, windows and doorways. To keep mice out of your home, fill open holes with materials like metal, cement, hardware cloth, or steel wool and caulk. These substances are more likely to stand up over time. Many of the holes in homes are not immediately visible and can get overlooked. As a best practice, call a Terminix® professional to seal entry points and help keep mice outside.

Home Inspection

Whether they’re in your walls or in your room, mice don’t belong in your house. If you think you have mice in your home or you’ve seen one scurry across your floor, call Terminix® immediately. With a thorough home inspection, our trained technicians can help determine if the signs in your home are from mice. After identifying the species, we can dial in on the right solution to help remove the mice from your home.