There’s a lot of misinformation out there about pest control, especially concerning do-it-yourself efforts and “natural” alternatives. But illegal pesticides take risks to a whole new level. Even products utilized in a manner other than their intended use could have adverse effects. For example, if you’re wondering, “Do mothballs repel mice?” you should be aware of EPA regulations.

mothballs repel mice

While some advocate for the use of moth balls for mice elimination, using them in a way that’s not clearly stated on the label is illegal, not to mention they can be harmful to the environment, pets and people. Their labels should specify exactly how, where and when they can be legally used just as other pesticides do.

Pesticide products that are distributed or sold without a valid EPA registration are categorized as illegal pesticides, while registered products have been evaluated by EPA for safety. So, as far as the law is considered, do mothballs get rid of mice? No. In fact, these pesticides are intended only to eliminate fabric pests such as clothes moths. Mothballs, repel mice, and pesticides – the only time these phrases should be put together is to illustrate their illegal use. Oftentimes, there are even illegal versions of common pesticides that pop up on the market, and moth balls for mice are among them. The EPA takes action against the sale and distribution of these products.

Do Moth Balls Keep Mice Away? Facts vs. Fiction

Besides being illegal, using mothballs to eliminate rodents is simply ineffective. To shed some light on the truth, let’s answer some commonly-asked questions about this supposed removal method.

Q: Do moth balls get rid of mice?

A: No. Moth balls contain naphthalene, which is considered by some to be a deterrent. When ingested or inhaled, this strong-smelling substance can cause blood cells to lose their ability to carry oxygen. However, the amount of naphthalene contained in mothballs is minimal and using moth balls for mice effectively would require much higher levels.

Q: Do mothballs repel mice safely indoors?

A: No. Mothballs can be quite hazardous. Not only can they be easily mistaken for non-toxic items, but recent studies have linked naphthalene to nasal cancer and other illnesses.

Q: Do moth balls keep mice away outdoors?

A: No. Mice are relatively smart, and even if the smell of this pesticide near their nest or in a trap bothered them, they would simply find a way around them. Besides, mothballs used outdoors could contaminate plants, soil and water.

Instead of trying to solve the “do mothballs get rid of mice” question yourself, contact Terminix® to schedule a free inspection. Considering the legal ramifications and health risks associated with this pesticide, it’s advisable to let professionals administer proper pest control instead. Let us help you remove mice from your property safely and effectively, and determine a solution that prevents them from coming back.