When unwanted birds invade your property, it can drive you crazy. Between the constant chirping and the mess that their feces can make, it’s easy to see why some birds may be considered pests. This is especially an issue if you find birds congregating in highly-trafficked areas of your home like the entrance. If that’s the case, you likely want to know how to keep birds away from the porch area.

how to keep birds away from your porch

Bird control is important for several reasons. Bird droppings are unappealing to see on any building, can create a slip-and-fall hazard on walkways and porches and may also carry a number of pathogens that cause disease. The cleanup of bird droppings can also be costly and labor-intensive. In addition, bird nests can become potential fire hazards when located near or in air vents. Birds generally settle in areas that provide shelter, easy access to food and protection from weather and predators, which is why they may choose to perch on your front porch. Read below to find helpful methods for how to help get rid of birds nesting on your porch.

How to Get Rid of Birds Nesting on a Porch

Birds can be relentless when establishing territory, so it’s important to note that removing some species of birds may require time, patience and effort. Some methods for getting rid of birds include sound, visual and tactile repellents. But using only one method may not be as effective as using a combination of methods. Furthermore, different types of birds may require different types of methods for deterrence. Let’s take a look at each of these potential bird repellent methods.

Sound Repellents

Sound repellents are used to scare away birds with noise, and there are many different types available. Sonic units that mimic bird distress calls can be beneficial for repelling birds. These repellents cause birds to think that other birds are in danger in that area, and birds may avoid the area if they believe it is unsafe. The type of sound repellent used may depend on what bird species you are trying to repel.

Birds can quickly become accustomed to different types of noise over time and will, therefore, return if no danger is present. To maintain effectiveness, it may be required to change the frequency, loudness and sound patterns periodically.

Visual Repellents

The idea behind using visual repellents on your porch or other area is the same as using a scarecrow in a garden or crop field. Visuals can include moving kites or other devices that resemble predators of birds that may make nuisance birds avoid the area.

Tactile Repellents

Tactile repellents typically consist of a sticky substance or sharp points (e.g., spikes) that can be applied to the surface of any area where you’ve seen birds land. Birds should avoid landing on sticky areas or on sharp points, causing them to avoid the area. You can place the sticky substance or sharp points on ledges or roofs of your entryway to keep birds from congregating.

How to Get Rid of Birds' Nests on the Porch

If birds have already established their populations on your porch, other measures may be needed to remove them, as they have already made themselves at home. As such, it’s a good idea to understand how to get rid of birds nesting in your porch. Consider contacting a local wildlife technician for help. Depending on which state you call home, some bird nests may be protected by law. In addition, nests may also be home to any parasites the birds may carry, like fleas, mites or lice.

Removing a bird nest may be more complicated than you think. If nuisance birds are becoming a problem on your home structure, contact your local Terminix® for advice on exclusion and removal.