Armadillos are diggers. As such, they might be digging deep, hazardous holes in your yard. Even worse, they may be demolishing your vegetation as they search for food. If you’re looking for solutions on how to get rid of an armadillo, here are some facts worth digging into.

get rid of armadillos

Garlic Plants

Although armadillos have weak vision, it is offset by their impressive sense of smell. Using this strength against them, many believe that odors like garlic may deter armadillos. In a University of Nebraska study, researchers examined these effects on birds. They found that high concentrations of garlic oil were needed to reduce the bird’s activities. It is important to remember that this study occurred in a controlled environment. Thus, applying high levels of garlic oil may be impractical in real-world conditions. In addition, researchers discovered that birds who had no other food sources returned to the garlic-infused plant. While there are no studies to prove these effects on armadillos, the same results could occur. So getting rid of armadillos with garlic may be inefficient.

Cayenne Pepper

Another common solution to armadillo control is cayenne pepper. Capsaicin, a naturally occurring ingredient in cayenne pepper, can cause irritation upon ingestion. Unlike humans, animals absorb capsaicin in their stomach, which can cause severe inflammation. As so, many believe that wildlife can associate these effects with the crop they ingested. Thus, wildlife may avoid returning to that spot.

Researchers at the University of Nebraska put this theory to the test. They found that cayenne pepper did not deter wildlife like they thought it would. Instead, results showed that beaver and deer responses varied. Thus, cayenne pepper was not a consistent or reliable deterrent. Researchers attributed the inefficiency to the substance’s weak durability. In particular, humidity and rain can cause the ingredient to wither or wash away. In turn, this may remove all protection from the plant. Consider alternate options if you live in an area with unpredictable weather.


Fencing is also a popular solution to wildlife invasion. That said, it may not be an effective solution for armadillo removal. Armadillos are climbers, which means that a fence may not deter them from your property. To increase efficacy, the fence should be 24 inches high and slanted outward at a 40-degree angle. Bury at least 12 additional inches of fence underground to ensure stability. Due to the risk of inefficiency, fencing may not be the best solution to protect your home.


Armadillos care about one thing: food. Their primary source of food includes insects like termites, beetles, wasps and worms. Many believe that insecticides may help to reduce armadillo food sources. Thus, armadillos may have to relocate. An agricultural expert from the University of Florida argued that insecticides may not prevent armadillos from digging. In fact, the increase in digging may be due to searching for new food sources. This includes vegetation, small animals or larvae. To keep armadillos from becoming more active, consider an alternative to insecticides.

Professional Removal

For a more effective solution to armadillo removal, schedule an appointment with Terminix®. Our trained technicians can apply customized solutions to your home. With robust knowledge and experience, our technicians can help stop armadillos before they destroy your yard.