The old saying, “when the cat is away, the mice will play,” is often true. The minute humans turn their backs, mice can find a window of opportunity to invade our spaces in search of food and shelter. A motor home or camper is especially vulnerable to a mouse invasion, since these vehicles can stay stationary for long periods.

mice in an RV

So how to keep mice out of an RV? When the weather gets cold, mice look for any chance to find a warm space for the winter, and your vehicle may offer the perfect accommodations. And while you leave your RV unattended, mice have plenty of time to ruin your home away from home. Rodents may chew on furniture or wires and may be attracted to any stored food that you have on board. They may even die while inside, leaving you with a terrible odor. Avoid dealing with any potential damage by learning about keeping mice out of an RV and how to get rid of any mice in a camper already.

Keeping Mice Out of an RV

Keep mice away from a camper by securing the vehicle. Inspect the outside of the RV for any cracks or holes where mice can crawl inside. Mice can fit into spaces as small as ¼ of an inch, so finding every entry point may be time consuming. According to some sources, another option is to place a cover over your RV or create a barrier using an aluminum fence around the wheels. The flashing may deter mice from climbing. The fence should be at least 24 inches tall and go around the perimeter of the vehicle. This method may be dependent on the species of mice as well as the material used to create the barrier.

Mice may have poor eyesight, but they make up for it with a good sense of smell. If you aren’t planning to use your camper for a while, remove stored food as well as any items that can be used as nesting materials such as loose fabrics, string, artificial plants, cardboard, and many others. Any provisions kept inside may entice mice to climb in for a free meal. In addition, keep the RV clean. A tidy space may not keep mice away, but a cluttered space may attract them.

Getting Rid of Mice in the Camper

If mice have already made it into your vehicle, you may want to try setting traps. Live, glue or spring traps are recommended. Be advised that rodenticide is not the best option. The mouse could crawl into a small space and die, leaving you with limited access to the carcass and an overpowering odor. Instead, place traps in insider corners of the RV and near the wheels of the outside. Check them daily, and reset and discard any trapped mice.

Keep Mice off of Your Property

If you’ve seen mice around your property, be advised that they may try entering your home or recreational vehicle at any time. Considering their small size and aptitude for sneaky behavior, don’t be surprised to find one or more of these pests looking for a way in. Considering the mess they can make and unsanitary droppings they can leave behind, it’s a good idea to know how to keep mice out of an RV before they begin making themselves at home.

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