Do DIY Bed Bug Treatments Work?

While bed bug treatment is not something that you want to DIY, there are some DIYers out there who will want to fix the issue on their own. While the following tips will not help you fully remove the bed bugs in your home, they may help you reduce the infestation.

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The scary truth is that most people don't know they have a bed bug problem until a few days after they've been bitten or until they spot signs of bed bugs. These bloodsucking pests are active only at night and are rarely seen by their victims. Prevention is always the best strategy against bed bugs. However, should you find them in your home, here are a few treatments to help reduce the number of these nasty critters.


How to Help Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Take Your Infested Bedding to the Laundry

Did you wake up with small insect bites clustered around your arms, neck, back (or any area of your body that is exposed while sleeping)? Is your mattress and bedding dotted with dark reddish spots or smears? Are there bed bugs' molted skins present? Or does your bedding have a slightly sweet or "rotting fruit" odor? If your manufacturer's instructions allow, wash your bedding in hot soapy water at a temperature of at least 120 degrees. Your washing machine's hot water setting should do the trick. A normal household dryer's settings are typically hot enough to kill bed bugs, so dry all bedding using your dryer's highest heat setting. Bed bugs cannot survive in a hot dryer longer than 20 to 30 minutes. Be sure to check the care instructions for your items first, and keep in mind high heat settings can damage some fabrics. Be sure to transport your bedding to and from the laundry room using a dedicated hamper or bags in order to help prevent cross-contamination of clothing, towels and other laundered items

Vacuum and Seal

Run your vacuum across your mattress, inside the bed frame, under your bed, along your baseboards and even your headboard. Be very thorough in all cracks and crevices where bed bugs, eggs and other particles are hiding. Dispose of your vacuum bag in your outside trash receptacle. Wrap your mattress (and even your box spring) in specially designed, bed bug encasements. These help prevent bed bugs from being able to hide and make nests in your mattress.

Schedule a Bed Bug Inspection Now

Though the tips above may help you temporarily reduce the bed bug infestation in your home, these insects are prolific breeders and hard to fully remove. Of course, the best method for controlling bed bugs is professional treatment. An experienced bed bug control professional will be able to inspect your home for the presence of bed bugs and recommend a customized solution, based on if, and how many, bed bugs are found.

Effective bed bug control typically requires different methods of treatment used together - something that a trained professional will be able to do. Click here to schedule your inspection. A local technician is ready to professionally assess and address your situation, eliminate bed bugs where they live and breed and get your home in order with as little as disruption as possible. Call us, and let us help you protect your family from bed bugs.



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