There’s no such thing as a miracle cure when it comes to controlling a bed bug infestations. Vacuum your floors, laundering bed linens on the hottest setting instructed by the manufacturer, and keep clutter to a minimum – they’re are all great steps to take in the fight towards prevention. But if you’re already facing infestation, the reality is that even the best vacuum for bed bugs is not a guaranteed tool for elimination.

bed bug vacuum

Is Turnabout Fair Play?

Bed bugs suck our blood in order to survive, so attempting to use their own methods against them may seem like a great idea. We pull out the vacuum to tackle crumbs, dust, spills and more, so why wouldn’t we try using the same course of action on an insect? The truth is, whether you’re battling an infestation or a single bed bug, a vacuum cleaner should only be considered a first line of defense. There are three main reasons it’s simply not that effective:

1. You Can’t Vacuum What You Don’t See

Say you’ve spotted signs of these pesky parasites on or near your mattress. Sure, you can vacuum bed bugs up if you see them, but what about the ones you don’t see? Remember that they’re great hiders and will often be buried deep within your mattress and box spring around buttons, tufts and inside folds.

2. What Works for Adults Won’t Work for Eggs

Unfortunately, even if you’re able to capture a bed bug or two, you still must contend with possible infestations as well as any eggs laid by the bed bugs. Vacuum the area, but don’t expect optimal results. Considering how quickly bed bugs reproduce, this is a real concern. Vacuuming the pests that you can see can seem simple, however, with bed bugs, there are a lot that you will not see. Vacuums cannot remove all of the hidden bed bugs as well as any eggs. A few left behind could be the difference between elimination and continued infestation. Those advertised as the best vacuum cleaner for bed bugs on the market can make claims, however cannot guarantee complete elimination of infestations.

3. Out of Reach, Out of Luck

In cases where infestation is more advanced, bed bugs could be hiding and breeding anywhere. Their small, flat, oval-shaped bodies make it simple to squeeze into cracks in walls and ceilings, holes around plumbing or crevices surrounding electrical outlets. Attachments adapters and extensions can only reach so far, and their cleaning power is only so strong.

Places you wouldn’t even think to look or take a vacuum to like wall clocks, between the glass in a picture frame or behind posters could be harboring these unwanted guests. Furthermore, young bed bugs are so small, that dozens could be hiding in a space as tiny as a recessed screw hole.

During Preparation, Take Precautions

Even those advertised as the best vacuum cleaner for bed bugs don’t come close to delivering the kind of results that a professional pest control company like Terminix® does. With powerful, customized solutions, our highly-trained technicians work quickly and efficiently to eliminate bed bugs where they live and breed. If you plan to use a bed bug vacuum in preparation for treatment, take precautions to keep from spreading the infestation to other areas. After going over any area, remove the vacuum bag, seal it inside a plastic bag and double bag if possible. Properly dispose of the bag in an outdoor trash receptacle.

Whether you need to eliminate a current bed bug infestation or are taking steps to prevent a problem before it starts, contact Terminix® for a free inspection.