What pests do you worry about the most in your restaurant? Cockroaches? Rodents? Flies? Ants? It’s true that these pests can certainly cause issues for food service businesses. But what about birds? While you might not think about putting birds in the pest category, perhaps you should. That’s because nuisance birds, like pigeons, sparrows and starlings, can actually pose some problems for restaurants.


Here are some examples of how birds can cause trouble in restaurant environments:

1. They Can Prevent Cleanliness

Restaurants must maintain clean, hygienic spaces in which to store, prepare and serve food. Nuisance birds, as well as their droppings and nesting materials, can carry pathogens that may cause diseases. Unsanitary bird droppings can contaminate anything they contact, including food, dishes and equipment. In the restaurant industry, bird droppings may result in health code violations and possibly lead to fines, legal actions or closures. It’s also possible for birds to be infested with lice and mites.

2. They Can Bother Your Restaurant Gue sts

In addition to enjoying good food, people often come to your restaurant to relax. Nuisance birds can disrupt the dining experience for your guests by making loud chirping noises, and by swooping near restaurant entrances and outdoor seating spaces.

3. They Can Make a Big Mess

Your restaurant’s ambiance largely depends on keeping things neat and tidy. Even if they are only present outside your building, nuisance birds can leave unsightly, unsanitary droppings on your restaurant’s roof, walkways, windows, ledges, signage, outdoor furniture and your guests’ vehicles. In addition to being ugly, bird droppings can be difficult and time consuming to remove and, for safety reasons, certain procedures should be followed when doing so. Birds can also drop feathers and food onto your property.

4. They Can Cause Damage to Your Property

You’ve likely made a substantial investment in your restaurant and pride yourself on keeping your property in good repair. When nuisance birds peck and roost, they can cause damage to structures, equipment, rooftops and even electrical wiring. Another way that birds can cause damage is through their droppings, which are acidic and can corrode paint, roofing materials, signage, outdoor furniture and fabrics. Bird droppings can also contaminate food products .

5. They Can Harm Your Restaurant’s Good Reputation

If nuisance birds negatively affect a guest’s experience at your restaurant, you can bet that guest is likely to share that disappointment with friends and family. He or she may even post about it on social media or on a review site. Sometimes, birds can even harm your chances to attract new customers. If prospective guests who don’t enjoy birds end up noticing nuisance birds roosting outside of your entrance, see droppings on a sidewalk, or observe damaged signage, they may get the impression that you don’t really care about quality and cleanliness and decide to take their business elsewhere.

Get Commercial Pest Control

Don’t wait to ta ke action until nuisance birds have already scared away guests, made a mess, caused expensive damage or compromised your restaurant’s service. Seek help from a commercial pest control partner, l ike Terminix® Commercial. Knowing which birds are classified as invasive, protected, threatened or endangered is very important and Terminix Commercial professionals have knowledge in that area an d of relevant laws and regulations regarding bird control, along with the seasonality involved.

Terminix Commercial also offers a cleaning and disinfecting service for bird droppings and nesti ng debris, which can free your staff to do what they do best – serve your guests. Find out more today.


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