Do you have pests in your office? We’re talking about real pests, like the kind of creepy creatures that crawl around, buzz around, cause damage and may carry pathogens that cause disease. The kind of pests that can disrupt workflow, decrease productivity and harm your professional reputation.

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Many types of pests are nocturnal or live in areas where humans may not be able to see or notice them living. So, how do you know if they are lurking nearby? Here are some signs that office pests may be clocking in at your office:

  1. You may notice dead bugs and shed skins on the floor, window sills, shelving, or in cracks where carpets and walls meet.
  2. Wood shavings or sawdust can indicate wood boring insects.
  3. Droppings are sure signs that pests, either insects or rodents, have made an office visit.
  4. Termite mud tubes are muddy brown tubes that are often the diameter of a drinking straw. These can be found along cracks, under flooring, around baseboards, on pipes and plumbing fixtures, and behind siding.
  5. The sound of hollow wood can indicate the presence of termites or certain species of ants.
  6. Webs in corners, windows, shelving, doorways, light fixtures and on ceilings can be a tip that spiders are nearby.
  7. Gnawing damage to furniture, structures, equipment and holes in boxes or packaging can signal rodent infestations.
  8. Infested food in break rooms or kitchen areas can mean that pests have paid a visit.
  9. An unusual musty, sweet or sharp odor can be an indication of pests.
  10. If you hear scratching or rustling noises, especially behind walls or above ceilings, pests may be actively living and breeding inside the building.
  11. Of course, actual pest sightings are a sure sign that pests are present in your office. Since many types of pests can establish sizeable populations which lead to infestations in very short periods of time, even a single pest spotting should be taken seriously.

Take Pests Out Of Your Organizational Chart

If you suspect that pests may be taking up office space, it’s best to call a reputable commercial pest control provider and get a pest control plan for your business. Pest identification and control can be tricky, but a trained commercial pest control professional will know how to identify current and potential pest threats and determine which pest(s) you’re dealing with. Then, he or she can recommend how to best treat the problem and how to help you avoid future pest issues.

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Working a pest control plan into your business strategy is easy. Terminix Commercial® customizes pest control solutions with industry-specific protocols that suit your specific business needs and requirements. You can request a free estimate today.

Don’t let pests have access to your office. Instead, give them their pink slips and help make your office a better place to work.


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