Pests like cockroaches, rodents and spiders aren’t the only pests that can cause issues for your healthcare facility. The very birds that you enjoy watching out of your window can potentially pose problems for your building, patients and workers. If you’re a healthcare office manager, you may want to consider some of the ways that nuisance birds like pigeons, sparrows and starlings could impact your facility.

4 Problems That Birds Can Pose for Healthcare Facilities

Problems Associated With Birds

1. Sanitation

Hygiene is a top priority for healthcare facilities of all types, and nuisance birds can be detrimental to cleanliness. That’s because birds, their droppings and nesting materials may carry or contain pathogens that can cause disease. In fact, unsanitary bird droppings can contaminate just about anything they contact and may result in health code violations or regulatory actions.

In healthcare settings, such unsanitary conditions could be especially problematic for people who may already have compromised or challenged immune systems due to illness or age. It’s also possible for birds and their nests to be infested with lice or mites.

2. Damage

Birds naturally peck, roost and nest, all of which can cause potential damage to your facility’s structure, rooftop, electrical wiring and equipment. Additionally, acidic bird droppings have been known to corrode paint, roofing materials, signs, outdoor furniture and other items that may be expensive or difficult to repair or replace.

3. Disruption

Nuisance birds can disrupt the peaceful, restful environment that you want for your healthcare facility with loud noises, swooping, pecking and roosting. This noise and activity can be bothersome to patients who don't enjoy the sights and sounds of birds, and annoying for healthcare staff. Some people may be fearful of birds and can experience anxiety when encountering them.

4. Image

Bird droppings, nesting materials, feathers and food remnants can be unsightly and can make your facility look unkempt or neglected. Bird droppings can be hard to remove from surfaces, and routine cleaning of the droppings that birds leave behind can be costly for your healthcare facility in terms of manpower and productivity. 

When people see nuisance birds hanging around your facility and the mess and damage they can leave behind, your healthcare facility’s image and reputation could suffer. Potential patients and workers may get the false idea that your facility doesn’t put much emphasis on cleanliness and quality, and they may question how that translates to the care they will receive.

There are Many Types of Birds

One of the challenging parts of nuisance bird control is that it’s important to identify the correct species causing the problem before attempting control methods.

After determining the species, it’s also critical to know whether the birds are considered invasive, migratory, or federally classified as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable. These federal classifications are often generally called "threatened."

With thousands of protected bird species and hundreds of endangered or threatened species, it’s no surprise that the knowledge of commercial pest control professionals is often needed to make the proper identification. Control methods are determined by species at the federal, state and local level.

If you’re concerned about birds causing problems for your healthcare facility, or if you want to take steps to help prevent them from posing future issues, Terminix® Commercial has experience in all phases of bird control (including identification) as well as in serving healthcare properties of all types and sizes. 

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