If you manage a small doctor or dental office, flies can be a problem, especially if you leave any doors or windows open.

6 Problems That Flies Can Cause for Your Healthcare Facility

Once inside, fly larvae can thrive in your facility’s trash receptacles, drains, recycling bins, kitchen, dining areas and break rooms. In fact, it doesn’t take very long for different species of flies to establish large infestations. When a large number of adult flies are seen around these areas, it may be a sign that you have sanitation issues.

Some flies increase in population during warm weather months and some are persistent all year round. Whatever the species, flies can be difficult to control, especially if they have multiple breeding sites which can be challenging to find and clean.

What problems can flies cause for your healthcare facility? Let’s take a look at some examples:

  1. They can be annoying and irritating to workers and patients, with incessant buzzing and flying
  2. Flies can carry pathogens that may cause disease and can help spread foodborne illnesses. According to the World Health Organization, flies are capable of spreading these pathogens because they feed on filthy matter, potentially picking up and transmitting disease-causing organisms along the way when they then make contact with people or their food. This can be problematic for some patients, especially those that may already have compromised immune systems.
  3. Some species of flies can bite.
  4. They can contaminate food and packaging materials.
  5. Because flies may be considered filthy, their presence can call into question your cleanliness and quality of care, potentially harming your healthcare facility’s reputation.
  6. Flies can disrupt your facility’s operations, productivity and service. 

The Cure for Fly Problems

As is often true with medical care, prevention is important when it comes to fly problems. Understanding what has attracted flies to your facility in the first place can be the key to solving fly issues. An experienced commercial pest control company, like Terminix® Commercial, can help.

Terminix technicians can help determine the species of fly that is causing trouble in your facility and the most effective treatment strategy. With experience in the special requirements, including those of state and local health departments, of all types of healthcare facilities, Terminix Commercial employs a variety of methods to treat current problems and help prevent future ones.

A commercial pest control provider can also offer suggestions on ways to help deter flies in the future, such as addressing exterior and interior conditions that may be attracting flies, sealing entry points, and other helpful steps to minimize infestation opportunities. Terminix Commercial professionals can track down the source of fly problems and formulate the most effective plan of attack for your particular facility and specific location.

When you manage a small healthcare facility, time is limited. You have a lot to manage and your patients come first. Let the commercial pest control professionals help ensure your patients have a comfortable and relaxed environment while you worry about taking care of their healthcare needs.

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