Mosquitoes can be a nuisance and potentially a health threat for your customers, especially in warmer weather. These pests can be especially problematic for restaurants and hotels that have outdoor seating areas, or for offices that have outdoor spaces for employees to enjoy at break times or meal times. As a business owner or manager, what can you do to help protect your customers and employees from these pests?

Why You Should Consider a Mosquito Service for Your Business

First, understand the scope of the threat to your customers. Mosquitoes can establish large infestations very quickly, with a group being able to lay an average of 100 eggs in containers as small as a bottle cap and 3,000 eggs in just a few weeks. While it’s true that mosquitoes can be more active in warmer weather, they can also live in cooler temperatures as low as 50 degrees. Biting mosquitoes can cause welts and itching for many people, which can spoil the enjoyment of being outdoors. Mosquitoes can also carry pathogens that may cause diseases, such as West Nile virus.

What Businesses Can Do To Help Prevent Mosquitoes

There are some steps you can take to make your property a less attractive habitat for mosquitoes:

  • Mosquitoes breed in even small pools of stagnant water, so be diligent about avoiding and clearing areas standing water outdoors. Regularly drain bird feeders (every 3-4 days), flower pot trays, drain pans, and make sure any outdoor water features are well maintained.
  • Clean and maintain gutters and downspouts regularly to prevent water from accumulating.
  • Make sure the property has adequate drainage, and keep drains clear to prevent water from backing up and forming puddles.  After rainfall, inspect the lawn and landscape, looking for any areas that hold standing water, and correct the problem with additional drainage or by filling in those areas.
  • Correct any water feature leaks that could contribute to water accumulating around the structure.
  • Consider installing ceiling fans in outdoor seating areas since mosquitoes are weak fliers and are less likely to enter an area with strong air currents.

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Your Best Business Strategy for Mosquito Control

Even if you take preventive measures, mosquitoes can still cause issues for your customers and employees. That’s why it’s a smart business move to get help from a commercial pest control provider with experience in treating businesses for mosquitoes. Terminix Commercial® has trained technicians who will thoroughly inspect your property to identify conditions that are conducive to mosquito activity. Then, they treat your property for effective mosquito relief. Terminix Commercial’s Quick Guard Service includes:

  • Before treating the property, your technician will inspect the exterior to reduce mosquito breeding sites
  • The treatment includes an active ingredient that starts working immediately to kill present mosquitoes as well as an insect growth regulator application
  • Just one treatment creates a special zone of protection that lasts weeks
  • The treatment has a long lasting polymer layer that helps protect the active ingredient against weather and irrigation
  • Includes monthly applications during your mosquito treatment season to ensure that mosquitoes stay down
  • Kills 15 times as many mosquitoes1 and lasts 12 times longer than Terminix Commercial’s previous mosquito service2
  • Is three times stronger than many commonly used products3

A Relentless Provider

Don’t let mosquitoes be a nuisance to your customers. Strike back at mosquitoes with a free estimate from Terminix® Commercial today.


1 Based upon 2017 ATSB/Suspend® PolyZone® comparison study conducted by Bayer U.S. LLC.

2 Based upon manufacturers’ residual life product data.

3 Based upon 2014 Bayer CropScience LP comparative study among Suspend® PolyZone® (0.01%, 0.03%, 0.06%), Cy-Kick (0.05%), Talstar One (0.03%) and Demand CS (0.03%).


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