Not all retail stores are created equally, and neither are all pest control programs. That’s because it takes knowledge and experience to properly identify pests and to know how specific nuisance pests establish infestations, live, feed and breed. Then, it takes knowledge to know which treatments are the most effective and skill to apply the treatments properly for successful results.

Even professional commercial pest control plans differ. Some take the traditional route of only using routine applications of pesticides without regard for the situation. Other plans incorporate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods, which has become the industry standard. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website describes IPM as focusing on pest prevention and using pesti cides only as needed, providing a more effective and environmentally sensitive approach.

Could your retail store benefit from an IPM program?

An IPM program has many a dvantages for retail properties. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. An IPM approach includes educating retail management and staff about what they can do to help prevent and intercept p est activity before it starts.
  2. One-time treatment approaches are sometimes not enough for retail pest problems. An IPM program usually offers a multi-faceted approach for better, more su stainable pest control results.
  3. Under an IPM scenario, pesticides would only be applied when needed to pest-affected areas of your retail property instead of automatically applying pesti cides to your entire retail space.

This preventive strategy can help you avoid future problems with pests. Some types of pests, like rodents, birds and wildlife can cause equipment and structur al damage that can potentially be expensive and a hassle to repair. A preventive approach using IPM methods may help retail stores avoid costly repairs, service interruptions and customer inconvenienc e.

IPM techniques can help with long-term pest control by addressing the reasons why pests may infest your business in the first place. This gives retail owners and managers the ability to tak e preventive measures before pests become a problem. IPM also includes ongoing monitoring and evaluation of treatment effectiveness so that treatment strategies can be altered if pest activity changes .

IPM takes a team approach to pest control by educating you and your retail staff about the conditions that can harbor pests and how to recognize the conditions that can be conducive to pest activity. Since many pest infestations can establish large populations surprisingly quickly, having as many people as possible informed and on the lookout is helpful. In fact, education is one of the examples of Integrated Pest Management and makes up around 30 percent of the process.

How Can Terminix Commercial Help With IPM?

Terminix Commercial offers a highly effective IPM program for retail stores that addresses the reasons why pests may be present in the first place while helping pr event future infestations for optimum long-term control. In addition to helping make your retail business comfortable and inviting to customers, Terminix Commercial IPM can also help create a pest-fre e environment, which can help you:

  1. Maintain productivity, efficiency and quality service by helping avoid the unwelcome disruptions that pests can cause
  2. Prevent the po tentially costly damage that some pests can cause
  3. Help improve employee morale

Don’t wait until pests bug your customers and your employees. Consider an IPM program for your retail business today. Get a free estimate and establish a no return policy for pests.


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