There are over 300 species of spiders in the United States that range from small and harmless to large and dangerous. Depending on your region, some of the most common spiders include jumping spiders, American house spiders, wolf spiders, grass spiders and yellow sac spiders. Just like many other pests, a couple here and there is no big deal, but if an infestation in your business is getting out of control, it might be time to call a spider exterminator.

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Signs of a spider infestation

Whether you're running an office, restaurant, retail store, hotel or warehouse, you're bound to deal with pests at some point. Spiders are always looking for dark, damp places to spin their webs and they often make their way indoors because they're on the hunt for other pests such as ants, flies, and beetles.

Spiders can enter through the tiniest crack, an open window, or hitch a ride in boxes brought in from another location. Luckily, they often leave a few tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for.

  • Increased spider sightings: The most obvious sign of a spider infestation is simply a growing number of spiders.
  • Webs: Each species of spider creates a range of different types of webs. From spiral orb webs to funnel webs, if you can identify the web, it can help you identify the spider species you're dealing with.
  • Eggs: Many spiders breed in the fall and create egg sacs shortly after. One sac can produce hundreds of baby spiders so if you notice what looks like a small cotton ball surrounded by webbing in corners and around furniture, you'll want to invest in spider control strategies before they hatch.
  • Other insect sightings: Spiders like to make a home where they have plenty of food—and flying insects are their meal of choice. Larger wandering spiders might also feed on crawling insects like cockroaches or beetles.
  • Mysterious bites: Some small spiders may bite when they are startled or disturbed. Usually these bites are harmless, however, if an employee thinks they have been bitten by a spider and are having a reaction, they may need to seek medical attention, as it may require hospitalization.

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How can spiders impact my business?

When it comes to pests, spiders might seem relatively harmless—but over time, it's still possible for them to do more damage than you think. Here's why spider pest control should be on your list of priorities as a business owner.

  • They could hurt your reputation: If a customer notices spiders in your business—or worse, finds a spider in a product they bought from you—they could spread the word and make others think twice about visiting.
  • The infestation can grow: It's always better to take care of a small number of spiders than ignore the problem until they lay eggs and the population explodes.
  • Some can bite: Certain spiders like the brown recluse or the hobo are very dangerous and can be potentially dangerous to humans. Protect your employees and customers by ensuring your business is free of these spiders.

Since spiders feed on other common pests found in businesses, tackling a spider infestation goes hand in hand with other pest control services. Calling in an expert like Terminix Commercial can ensure you're identifying the source of the problem and finding a comprehensive solution that lasts.

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