You likely give a great deal of thought to your patients’ comfort every day. From the way you greet patients when they arrive, to the waiting room furniture and examination room equipment, you and your staff want your healthcare facility to be a warm, welcoming environment for each patient who walks through the door. The right commercial pest control provider can help you in this effort by decreasing the likelihood that pests will create uncomfortable situations for your patients or your staff.

patient comfort

Physical Comfort

You want your patients to feel physically secure and as confident as possible while they are in your care. Except for routine visits, patients often seek healthcare attention because they are not feeling well or are experiencing discomfort, and you don’t want to add to that.

Some pests, such as flies, bed bugs and stinging insects, can cause bites resulting in itchy or painful welts on some people. Mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, rodents and birds can carry pathogens that may cause diseases and can be mechanical vectors for bacteria. Some pests, such as cockroaches, can trigger allergies and allergy symptoms. If patients are already sick or have compromised immune systems, they may be more sensitive to bites, stings and allergies.

A commercial pest control provider can help treat your facility for cockroach, rodent, fly, mosquito, bed bug and bird problems, among others. Knowing that current pest issues are being addressed and that you are taking proactive steps to help prevent future infestations is one way to prioritize the comfort of your patients.

Emotional Comfort

When patients enter your facility, they may already have some level of anxiety. They may be worried about procedures, symptoms, test results, insurance coverage or financial responsibilities. You don’t want them to worry about the quality of care that you provide. And seeing a pest at the wrong time would just give them one more thing to worry about.

While hygiene and sanitation play important roles in pest control, many pests will invade even spotless, sterile areas in search of food, moisture and warmth. With frequently opened doors, deliveries arriving and people coming in and out, pests can find their way into healthcare facilities of all types and sizes. A commercial pest control provider can help you identify potential entry points for pests, as well as early signs of infestations.

Helping You Feel Comfortable, Too

Healthcare facilities have specific needs and requirements, and Terminix® Commercial understands those needs. In addition to patient welfare, there are federal and state regulatory requirements as well as health code compliance to consider. Terminix Commercial has experience in treating healthcare facilities of all types and sizes, with specialized procedures and protocols designed for the healthcare industry. Every day, our trained, knowledgeable technicians serve hospitals, clinics, medical offices, dental offices, nursing homes and assisted living facilities with customized, comprehensive solutions that help make you, your employees and your patients keep pests out of sight and out of mind. Find out more today by requesting a free estimate.


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