Many hotels see an increase in business during the summer tourism season. This peak season can be an important profit-generating time for hotels.

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The discovery of a pest problem during this busy time could be distracting for guests and workers, as well as harmful to a hotel’s reputation. Here’s how a Terminix® Commercial Pest Control Plan can help during hotel peak season:

Make First Impressions Count

Peak season is prime time to impress new guests with your hotel’s service, amenities and comfort. It’s no time for pests to make an appearance in guest rooms, lobbies, hallways, dining areas, laundry facilities or elevators. A commercial pest control plan from Terminix Commercial can help you welcome first-time guests with confidence, showing them the best your hotel has to offer so they’ll want to come back.

Keep Loyal Guests

While the peak season will likely introduce new guests to your property, it’s also a great time to welcome back repeat guests and to build and strengthen your relationships with them. No matter how loyal customers have been in the past, the sight of a single creepy crawler in their guest room or bathroom can be enough to make the visit their last. A commercial pest control partner can help protect your hotel from infestations, which can help protect guest relations.

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Worry About One Less Thing

The hustle and bustle of peak season means that hotel workers have to stay on their toes to keep up with guests’ needs and provide excellent service. There’s simply no time to deal with unexpected pest problems without the risk of compromising guest satisfaction. Terminix Commercial pest control professionals work to treat existing infestations and to help prevent future ones by identifying conditions that may attract and harbor pests. Having pest control handled frees hotel staff to focus on serving guests and gives management one less concern.

Make Cleanliness Count

A clean hotel room is important during peak season (and every season). Pests can create unsanitary conditions in guest rooms and common areas. In addition to protecting your guests from the problems pests can cause, having a commercial pest control partner helps maintain a clean, hygienic environment for your guests to enjoy.

Beat the Heat

In many parts of the country, the busiest travel times are also the warmest. Tourists love warm weather, and so do many pests. Flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches are just a few of the pests that can increase in numbers as outside temperatures rise, making infestations challenging to control. Help ensure your guests are the only ones having fun in the sun at your hotel with help from Terminix Commercial.

Avoid Potential Damage

In addition to being unsightly and unsanitary, some pests have the ability to actually damage your hotel’s property. Repairing pest damage can be expensive and inconvenient, especially when your hotel is full of peak-season guests. Pests like rodents, birds, termites and wildlife can cause damage to structures, electrical wiring and food products. Terminix Commercial professionals know how to spot signs of pest infestations, as well as the conditions that attract them.

Enhance Staff Productivity

Optimizing hotel staff productivity is a priority during peak season. With a Terminix Commercial Pest Control Plan, you won’t have to pull workers away from their normal duties to perform pest treatments. And with ScanMaster® Tracking, you’ll receive real-time treatment reporting and can monitor your account online quickly and easily.

Turn Down Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are on the rise and can be difficult to control. Bed bugs are adept at hiding, and most over-the-counter treatments fall short of control. While there’s no good time for a hotel to have bed bugs, peak season is probably the worst time for these loathsome creatures to appear. Terminix Commercial professionals are trained in dealing with bed bugs, using customized treatments to help control infestations. One of those innovative treatments, RapidFreeze®, is a non-toxic bed bug solution that is fast and effective. RapidFreeze uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to freeze the insects, including their eggs and nymphs.

Make peak season the weak season for pests at your hotel. Terminix Commercial has the experience, technology and trained specialists to help effectively treat pest problems in the lodging and hospitality industry. Contact Terminix Commercial today for a quote.


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