In the hospitality industry, your best defense against pests is diligent, well-educated staff who understand how to not only identify and deal with pests but also prevent them in the first place. In hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts, housekeeping staff already have a lot to do, but they are also the most likely to spot smaller pest-related issues before they get out of hand.

bed bugs in hotels

Educating your staff and making them feel comfortable being vocal about issues they notice are key. Here's how to provide your staff with pest control training that makes sense for your business.

Pest Management Training

When you're onboarding new staff, there is a certain set of training protocol they'll have to complete. This is your first opportunity to make your staff aware of the signs of pests and their role in preventing an infestation. Assume your employees don't already know what to look for and provide them with some basic information to help educate them on signs and prevention strategies.

The types of training that can help with overall pest control include:

  • Cleaning protocols: What areas need to be cleaned daily, weekly, and monthly? What cleaning products should be used?
  • Garbage disposal protocols: How often should the garbage be emptied? When is the garbage picked up? How to keep dumpsters and garbage disposal areas as sanitary as possible?
  • Inspections: What health and safety regulations do staff members need to know about? How often do inspections take place?
  • Signs of pests: From bed bugs to rodents, hotels can attract a wide range of different types of pests. Pest control courses can help educate your staff on the basics.
  • How to report pest issues: Is there a logbook to report any issues they find? Should staff notify the manager immediately? A streamlined process will ensure your staff feel confident in their next steps if they notice signs of pests.

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Ongoing Pest Control Training

After the initial training, it's important to keep reminding your staff about pest control protocols. Use staff meetings to reinforce that everyone should always be looking out for signs of pests. Strategically placing posters and checklists in high-traffic areas can also help jog people's memories and remind them to include certain tasks in their routine every day.

Make sure to remind your staff that your door is always open, and they should report any issue they come across no matter how big or small it may seem. You can't be everywhere all the time, so their eyes and ears are an essential resource for ensuring pest issues are nipped in the bud.

If you need to call in pest control experts, the more details you can provide the better. Train your staff to record a few key details that you can pass on to your pest control technician:

  • Time of pest sighting
  • Location of pest sighting
  • Description of pest sighting

At the end of the day, keeping your hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast protected from pests is good for everyone because it means there will be no shutdowns and no lost revenue.

Call in the experts

Hotels, motels and other businesses that have a lot of people coming and going will always require extra diligence to manage pest infestations. While your staff is an essential resource in prevention, setting up a schedule of routine inspections and maintenance with a professional pest control company like Terminix Commercial can help ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Be proactive in showing your staff that you are committed to keeping the property protected from pests and they will follow your example.

If you need help with how to approach educating your staff on pest management strategies, turn to the experts at Terminix Commercial. We can inspect your business and provide a tailored list of what to look out for and how to proceed if pests are detected. We'll also work with you to schedule a regular maintenance plan that makes sense for your business.

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