As the seasons change, so do the habits of the pests that can affect your business. Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, hotel, warehouse or office building, commercial spaces can be magnets for pests that are looking for food and shelter from the elements. Protecting your business is all about being prepared. Here are some of the most common fall pests and how to avoid them.

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Insects can be a problem all year round, but climate and breeding habits mean some are more active in the fall months. To get ready for winter, some bugs will gravitate towards warm buildings like homes and businesses. These three insects in particular are known for seeking shelter indoors in the fall months:

Stink bugs

Just like their name indicates, a stink bug is known for the unpleasant odor it emits when disturbed or threatened. Although not native to the United States, brown marmorated stink bugs have officially spread to all 50 states thanks to their adaptability and ability to breed in different climates.

Stink bugs can survive comfortably outdoors in warmer months but as the temperature starts to drop, they start searching for a warm place to live.

Asian lady beetles

Similar in appearance to ladybugs, Asian lady beetles are commonly found indoors during colder seasons and can also emit a foul-smelling yellow liquid when they feel threatened. This liquid can stain walls and furniture and may cause allergic reactions in some people. They can also bite when handled.

While they don't cause as much physical damage to your business as other insects, their presence could impact your reputation.


With a lifespan of six to eighteen months, cockroaches don't have the luxury of hibernating over the winter. Both American and German cockroaches prefer to find a warm place to live, and as prolific breeders, a few cockroaches can turn into thousands in just a few months.

For businesses with kitchens, avoid attracting cockroaches in the first place by maintaining proper cleaning protocols to reduce food or water sources.

In general, the best way to prevent any type of insect from slipping into your business is inspecting the building and sealing up any cracks and holes.


Many species of birds migrate to avoid cold weather and find a safe, warm place to nest. Unfortunately for warehouses, your building's high ceilings and secluded corners is bound to look inviting. Prepare for a possible influx of birds in your area with these common bird control strategies:

  • Bird deterrents: Refresh control gel and update wire barriers, spikes, netting and slopes to make it more difficult for birds to get comfortable and settle in.
  • Building inspections: Check for obvious entry points and weak areas that might be vulnerable to birds.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting: Help reduce opportunities for birds to spread disease.
  • Nest removal: Take the time to look for and remove any existing bird's nests.


When cold weather hits, rats and mice go looking for warm places to breed. Entering from small holes or cracks, rodents can infest a commercial space. Preventing a rodent infestation can include:

  • Proper cleaning and sanitation: Rodents will go where the food is, so if you run a restaurant, hotel or food processing plant, vigilant cleaning protocols are essential.
  • Building inspection: While it's difficult to guarantee a building is 100% secure from rodents, you can make an extra effort to check for potential entry points. A professional company like Terminix Commercial has experience with inspections and can point out problem areas you might not have noticed. A full inspection can also help prevent other types of wildlife beyond rodents from finding a way in.
  • Traps: You may think you only need traps once you've noticed a rodent problem but keeping them in secluded areas at all times can be a good way to catch sneaky mice or rats that have managed to stay hidden. After all, just because you haven't seen the signs yet, doesn't mean they aren't there.

For any business, pest prevention should be an ongoing investment. Each season has its own challenges—but the professionals at Terminix Commercial can help you defend against pests.

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